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Is Your Senior Loved One Struggling with Daily Basic Care, and Refusing to Accept Help?

By Greg and Hilary Eldridge

It’s Better to Have the Support of Home Care Services near Sugar Hill, GA than to Risk Injuries or Loneliness

When you are dealing with a number of new health issues, especially waning strength or limited mobility, it is probably tempting to continue doing things even though they may be much more difficult or placing yourself at increased risk. For an elderly individual who may be struggling with certain aspects of their own basic care, the desire to remain independent can often overwhelm the need for home care services.Home Care Services Sugar Hill GA

There are so many different excuses people provide to avoid hiring any type of home care services, and most of them have to do with the incorrect assumption that they can still do many of the things they used to.

In reality, as people age they will have certain limitations. Consider the professional sports athlete. On average, most athletes peak in their mid-to-late 20s. However, they can continue to play and perform well into their 30s and even early 40s, depending on the sport.

After the age of 40, though, every single athlete’s abilities will quickly decline. This is true of golfers, bowlers, football players, baseball stars, and much more. That is why most athletes end up retiring from their competitive sports sometime around 40 years of age, with some sports allowing more leeway in this regard.

As a person gets older, into their 50s and 60s, they will take less chances, limit their new activities, and focus on keeping safe. When was the last time you saw a 60-year-old individual decide to try and go rock climbing for the first time in his or her life? It usually doesn’t happen because as physical limitations increase, so do the risk of injuries.

For elderly individuals living at home, whether they are with a spouse or other individual their age, as they begin to experience more and more challenges throughout the day, whether it is getting up and down the stairs or taking a shower, having support can be the difference between falling and becoming seriously injured and staying safe.

Consider this potential scenario: an elderly individual refuses to hire home care services because he assumes he can still do everything he used to, even if it takes him a little longer. One day while taking a shower he slips slightly. He tries to grab onto something to support himself, but doesn’t catch any purchase. He falls, breaks his hip, and is hospitalized.

Not only should he be grateful to be alive, he now has to face a long road to recovery as the bones will heal slower than they did in his youth and it will be more difficult to regain strength that is lost during that downtime.

These situations can be avoided (or at least significantly minimized) when you call on home care services the moment you begin to recognize the need.

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