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Understand the Team You Put Together as Part of Elder Care

By Greg and Hilary Eldridge

Elder Care in Alpharetta GA

When you put a team together as part of elder care, whether it’s for yourself, an aging parent, or other elderly loved one, you need to understand exactly what team you are putting “on the field.” What thisElder Care in Alpharetta GA means is that your elderly loved one may require a number of different caregivers to help out on a regular basis.

For example, maybe your aging mother had a stroke and was hospitalized. While you were at the hospital the doctor advised you that she should receive considerable support from a variety of caregivers, especially during the first few months. That might have included a visiting nurse, a physical therapist, an occupational therapist, and a number of home care aides who can assist her getting out of bed, going to the bathroom, bathing, and even preparing meals.

You took the doctor’s advice to heart and began searching for these various caregivers. You found one particular agency in the area that had a number of those caregivers on staff who can help out. Or maybe there wasn’t any agency in the area that had anything but home care aides, and you found a visiting nurse and physical therapist independently. No matter how you put them all together, that is your team.

Now, as a part of positive elderly home care, it’s essential that every single individual on that team understands what others are doing at any given time. A team is not effective when each independent player doesn’t know what the others are doing. That’s where the right coach or leader becomes important.

While it’s difficult to have a specific leader or somebody in charge of organizing everything, communication is essential among each team member. As somebody who has taken the reins and hired each of these caregivers, you’ll need to make sure that everybody understands the exact needs of the elderly individual. A visiting nurse may be required to check vital statistics, check blood pressure, administer certain medications, or do other things that the doctor requires. That nurse may also be expected to relay that information to the doctor every time he or she visits with the elderly client.

The physical therapist is likely in charge of helping the elderly client get exercise and keep their muscles as strong as possible during the recovery process. An occupational therapist may be required to help the individual relearn some basic tasks and how to do them, including getting dressed, speaking, and other aspects.

Home care aides will be responsible for assisting the senior out of bed, to the bathroom, bathing, preparing meals, and other basic tasks.

Making sure there are no issues from one shift to the next requires constant communication and understanding what each person’s job is within this team structure. That is exceptional elder care.

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