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Elder Care Strategies to Help Encourage Mom to Focus on Oral Care

By Greg and Hilary Eldridge

Elder Care in Duluth GA

When you’re trying to encourage your aging mother to focus on her oral care, it can certainly be difficult. There are number of strategies that can be employed, whether somebody relies on Elder Care in Duluth GAprofessional elder care or not. Even if your aging mother has dentures and none of her original teeth, it still is essential to pay attention to proper oral care.

Below are a few strategies that can make all the difference in the world to help encourage your mother to focus on proper oral care that can help her feel better about herself, which can improve her self-esteem, and also improve certain aspects of her overall health and well-being.

Strategy #1: Discuss oral care directly.

If you’ve noticed your elderly mother isn’t taking proper care of her hygiene, it can create an uncomfortable situation for her as well as others around her, including elderly home care providers or family members and friends who help her out every so often. Halitosis, or bad breath, can be a serious repercussion for somebody who isn’t brushing their tongue, gums, cleaning their dentures, and doing other things that constitute proper oral care.

Strategy #2: Encourage her to make an appointment with her dentist.

If your mother doesn’t have her original teeth, she might assume she doesn’t need to visit a dentist. After all, what point would be to go to a dentist when you don’t have any teeth? It is still extremely important because not only can the dentist discuss proper oral care, he can also keep track of dentures, check the fittings, and make sure they are in good condition and not in need of replacement.

Strategy #3: Call on a friend to go out for lunch.

If your mother has a tendency to avoid taking care of herself when she spends the majority of her time alone at home, asking a friend of hers to take her out for lunch.  It could be a good way to inspire her to not only shower, but also rinse with mouthwash, brush, take care of her dentures, and do all of those other things that are so important to overall health and well-being, regardless of age.

By doing this once and being encouraged by family and friends to continue to maintain good oral care, it may be a great elder care strategy for some seniors.

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