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How to Help Yourself Feel More Appreciated by Your Elderly Loved One

By Greg and Hilary Eldridge

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If you've been a family caregiver for any amount of time, you've probably already felt unappreciated at least once or twice. It's not a good feeling, but it's also not one that you have to indulge in.

Try a Little Bit of Imagination

All too often, your elderly loved one's health is such that she's not really herself anymore. She may be in significant pain or she may be experiencing different stages of dementia. Regardless, your loved one may not really be able to focus on you and your efforts as her caregiver as much as she could if she were completely healthy. So take some time to imagine what she would say and do if she were completely healthy and then take those positive messages to heart.

Focus on What's Really Important

In the end, it's not as important for you to get kudos for what you're doing for your loved one. It makes you feel good, of course, but is that the really important part of what you're doing? Focus on the big picture and remind yourself that you're doing great stuff for your elderly loved one. Her health and well-being are the important part.

Avoid Seeking Perfection

Sometimes when we feel unappreciated or ignored, it's because we take that as a message that we're not doing enough or we're not doing a perfect job. If we were, someone would mention it, right? It's possible that you're looking for perfection from yourself and validation is helping you to know when you've gotten it all correct. What you really need to do is lower your own expectations because you won't ever be able to be a perfect family caregiver. What you can do is definitely good enough.

Validate Yourself

Ultimately you know what you're doing for your loved one. Even if no one else ever tells you that they appreciate what you've done, you still know that you've given the job your all. It's important that you show yourself how much you love and appreciate you. Having home care providers or other family members on call can help you to take care of yourself, for example, and what better way to show yourself some appreciation?

You may find that the longer you're a family caregiver, the easier these steps are to take.

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