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Care for an Elderly Adult in the Later Stages of Parkinson’s Disease

By Hilary and Greg Eldridge

Elder Care in Sugar Hill GA

Progressive diseases can be particularly challenging for you as a family caregiver. As soon as your elderly parent is diagnosed with the condition you know that their symptoms will only worsen and their needs will only increase. If you view this as an opportunity to prepare, however, you can feel more confident giving your elderly loved one the level of care that they deserve. Stages Four and Five of the disease are the advanced stages. These are the end of the disease and the time at which the impact will be most strongly felt by your parent and by their care team. Getting ready during the earlier stages of the disease is an important part of ensuring that you are adequately prepared to handle the dramatic symptoms and challenges that come during this time.

Use these tips to help you care for an elderly adult in the later stages of Parkinson’s disease:

• Review end-of-life wishes. It is preferable that your aging parent start recording their wishes for their end-of-life transition as early in their condition as possible. This enables them to tell you how they feel about issues such as life support and resuscitation and arrange for resources such as hospice care. As your parent moves into the end stages of the disease, review these wishes and ensure that you are following through with them with your care, or that you are properly prepared to follow through with them as the need arises.

• Ensure ongoing care. Your elderly parent will require care 24 hours a day when they reach the end stages of the disease. They cannot live alone and will need someone to be available for them at all times to handle all forms of personal care, from preparing and eating meals to getting dressed and navigating the home.

• Focus on dignity and love. As you are caring for your aging parent, make sure that you keep their individuality and personality in mind. This is not just a person who is going through these challenging symptoms. They are your loved one and they are dealing with extremely difficult issues. Focus on showing them love, compassion, and respect, and giving them care that is defined by dignity throughout this stage. This will not only be helpful to them, but it will also bring additional meaning to your care efforts and to the relationship that you continue to have with your senior parent.

If your aging loved one has been progressing through the stages of Parkinson’s disease and their symptoms have become challenging for both of you, starting elder care for them might be the ideal solution for their needs. PD is an extremely difficult disease, particularly in the later stages, and you cannot expect yourself to be able to handle all of the demands on your own. Instead, rely on the highly personalized services of an elderly home care services provider to ensure that your senior gets all of the care, support, and assistance that they need to give them the highest quality of life possible as they age in place. This not only helps your parent to stay as safe, healthy, and comfortable as they can throughout the stages of the condition, but also relieves your stress as their caregiver. By relying on their services, you can feel confident that your parent is getting everything that they need and you can focus your energy and attention more effectively.


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