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5 Ways Elders Can Become More Socially Active

By Hilary and Greg Eldridge

Elderly Care in Suwanee GA

Social interactions become increasingly important with age. Not only can frequent conversations with friends and family members ward off depression and isolation, but they can also help boost the self-esteem and mood of our elderly parents. Being socially engaged can also keep the mind stimulated, which in turn could prevent Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia.

As important as it is to make new friends, it is much more difficult than it was as a child. Just walking up to someone and saying, “Will you be my friend?” is not as socially acceptable for someone who is 65-years-old to do like it was for a child who is 6-years-old. One way to get your loved one’s feet wet in being social is by hiring an elder care provider. This professional caregiver will give your loved one constant companionship throughout the day, giving them someone to always talk to. As much as an elder care provider will be able to help your loved one’s social interactions, there are seven other ways that this can be done. These ways include:

  • Encourage them to call an old friend. Thanks to social media sites like Facebook, it is extremely easy to find the contact information from people we have not seen in years. Help your aging parent find someone they used to be close friends, but slowly grew apart.
  • Play a game. Games are excellent at keeping the mind stimulated. Your elder parent could do crossword puzzles and play chess with others as a way to socialize and stimulate the mind at the same time.
  • Volunteer. If your loved one is physically capable of doing so, volunteering will allow them to do some good for their community, while meeting other people. Think about something they are passionate about and encourage them to volunteer. Animal shelters and food banks are just a couple places you can look into for volunteer opportunities.
  • Join a club. Clubs are the perfect places to meet others who share similar interests with your aging loved one. Check with local senior centers, community centers, and churches to see if there is a club the elder would be interested in.
  • Invite family members over. The senior can stay social be regularly interacting with their family members, including their grandchildren. Have dinner together, go to events or fairs, or let your children spend some one-on-one time with your parents. This is a great way to foster a bond and memories with one another.

With these ideas, your loved one will stay social, which will do wonderful things for their mental health and mood.


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