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How to Take the Guesswork out of Transporting Your Loved One

By Greg and Hilary Eldridge

Home Care in Cumming GA

As your loved one ages, some questions become trickier for you as her family caregiver. Driving is one issue that can quickly get out of hand. Start out with some frank conversations and then move on to action if you find that's necessary.

Start a Conversation with Your Loved One

Always make sure that you start any conversations about your loved one's driving with your loved one. If she feels that you're trying to go around her or force her into giving up her driving privileges, she may dig in her heels even more. Talk openly with her and make sure you let her know that her safety is what you're primarily concerned about.

Include Her Doctor, if Necessary

Your doctor may have valuable information about whether or not she should be driving. If her heath is so compromised that she shouldn't be driving for medical reasons, her doctor can help to persuade your loved one that it's in her best interests to stop driving or to limit her driving.

Compile a List of Alternative Transport Options

You may be able to transport your elderly loved one any time that she needs to go somewhere, but it's still a good idea to have a list of other options available, too. Talk to other family members about whether they're able to pitch in. Investigate public transportation options in your area as well. You may feel even safer if your loved one's home care providers transport your loved one when you can't.

If Your Loved One Is in Danger, Take Her Keys

In some situations, your loved one may truly be a danger to herself and to others when she's behind the wheel of her car. If that's the case with your elderly loved one, you may not have luck convincing her to voluntarily hand over her keys. Completely restricting your loved one's driving can help you to get a fuller picture about her driving skills and what should be done to further ensure her safety.

As your loved one starts to trust that she's always got transportation when she needs it, she'll be less likely to try to force the driving issue.

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