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How Can You and Your Loved One Make Her New Exercise Plan Stick?

By Hilary and Greg Eldridge

Starting a new exercise plan isn't necessarily easy, no matter how old someone is. When your loved one is also battling COPD, exercise is an important part of helping her to stay as healthy as she can for as long as she can. So learning how to stick with an exercise plan makes a big difference.

Set Some Goals

If your loved one doesn't have exercise goals or if they're vague, they're not going to be very motivating to her. Sit down with your loved one and her doctor and figure out what she should be aiming for with her exercise routine. From there, you can determine some short- and long-term goals that give your loved one a target at which to aim.

Keep an Exercise Journal

Now, the next piece of the puzzle involves tracking progress toward those goals. One really easy way to do this is with an exercise journal. Your loved one can track any metrics that pertain to her goal, such as how often and for how long she exercised. She can also keep track of how she's feeling and what she's noticing about how her body is responding to exercise.

Find an Accountability Buddy

Having an accountability buddy simply means that there's someone else in your loved one's life who either exercises with her or has a vested interested in helping her stay on target. You might be your loved one's exercise accountability buddy or she might prefer it to be a friend of hers. Another reliable accountability buddy could be elder care providers, especially if they visit your loved one daily.

Make Exercise as Easy as Possible

When you keep exercise simple and easy for your loved one, it's much easier for her to stick with the routine she wants to embrace. If you can narrow down her favorite types of exercise to those that don't require a ton of special equipment and that she can start and stop as she wants, she's going to find it much easier to stick with that sort of movement.

The more committed your loved one is to making exercise a key part of her life, the easier it's going to be to keep making it a habit.

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