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Why Are Blood Clots a Higher Risk Among Seniors with Cancer?

By Hilary and Eldridge

If your aging parent has recently been diagnosed with lung cancer, one warning you may have gotten as a family caregiver is to be vigilant about your parent's risk for blood clots. These potentially dangerous issues are possible at any time, but can be particularly risky for an elderly adult who has cancer. Understanding the link between the two issues can help you to better care for your senior as they deal with cancer, and cancer treatments.

Some things you should know about blood clots and cancer include:

  • Approximately 10 percent of those who experience a blood clot will be diagnosed with cancer within one year of the blood clot. In these situations, the cancer is generally considered a contributing factor to the clot
  • It is not fully understood, but cancer has been linked with increased risk of blood clots. This is thought to be related to the tissue damage and inflammatory responses that occur with cancer
  • Tumors are also thought to release chemicals that trigger the body to clot, which can further increase the risk of blood clots
  • There are certain cancers, including of the lung, kidney, ovary, and colon among others, that carry a higher risk of blood clots than others
  • Certain cancer treatments can also increase the possibility your parent will suffer a blood clot. This includes chemotherapy. It is important to talk to your parent's doctor about their specific treatment to determine if this is a particular risk for your aging parent, and what you can do to reduce this risk for your senior

Elder care can be exceptionally beneficial for older adults who are living with cancer. The personalized services offered by an elderly home care services provider are designed to help your parent manage the challenges they are facing, while still pursuing a lifestyle that is enjoyable and fulfilling for them. A care provider can help your parent manage tasks throughout the home such as laundry and dishes so your senior can cope with fatigue and conserve energy. They can also encourage good lifestyle choices such as staying hydrated and eating a healthy, well-balanced diet. Medication reminders help your parent to stay compliant, while companionship and emotional support help your parent cope with depression, anxiety, and other such effects. For you, knowing your parent has access to this care enables you to have more flexibility in your schedule and take a much-needed break. Consider elder care for your senior suffering from cancer today.


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