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Tips for Enjoying a Trip to the Beach with Your Senior Parent

By HIlary and Greg Eldridge

The beach is a classic destination for family vacations during the summer months. If your aging parent has always loved the beach, bringing them along on this trip can be a wonderful way to boost their mental and emotional health, and spend quality time with them away from your usual care routine. This is also a great way for them to connect with their grandchildren, and create family memories they will carry with them into the future. As a family caregiver, it is very important for you to make sure you are not only planning the fun and adventure of this trip, but also keeping in mind your senior's needs and challenges so you can make plans to address these needs in the best ways possible.

Use these tips to enjoy a trip to the beach with your senior parent:

  • Prepare for comfort on the beach. You may be happy just spreading out a blanket or towel and laying out in the sand, but this may not be an option for your aging parent. Instead, invest in items that will help them to relax, but also stay comfortable and be able to enjoy their time on the beach for longer. Consider a canopy or sun shade tent to protect them from the bright UV rays, and bring along a chair so your parent doesn't have to lower themselves all the way to the sand, and try to get back up
  • Take steps to keep them cool. If you and your children are splashing around in the ocean, you may feel much cooler than the temperature. If your parent is avoiding the waves and staying up on the sand, however, they may quickly become overheated. Keep a cooler close by with cold drinks and ice, and consider packing instant cold packs to quickly lower your parents temperature if they get too hot
  • Pack a picnic. Nothing ruins a family outing quite as quickly as hunger pangs or thirst. Keep both at bay by packing a beach friendly picnic. Cold water bottles, simple sandwiches, crackers, raw vegetables, and other simple, easy to eat snacks and drinks are ideal. Avoid foods that are too sugary, as they can become sticky and uncomfortable as well as attracting pests such as bees, and can also upset some people's stomachs in the heat
  • Take some time with your parent. Even if your senior says they want to spend their time up on the beach, take some time to walk with them at the edge of the water so they can feel the waves on their feet. This could be a wonderful time to enjoy a conversation, and just spend some quality time with them. If they definitely don't want to get near the water, sit with them on the sand and enjoy watching the rest of your family together

Helping your parent to participate in family activities such as vacations in safe and healthy ways is a highly beneficial service of an elderly care provider. When you are planning outings and adventures with your family, and want to include your aging loved one but are concerned that their physical challenges, or even their cognitive limitations, will keep them from being able to participate, consider elderly care. This care provider can help your parent to be involved while still ensuring they get the care they need. By having an elderly home care services provider around during these experiences, you can rest assured your senior will continue to have access to consistent care aimed directly at their needs and challenges. This means you can relax, enjoy the experience yourself, and focus on other responsibilities such as taking care of your children, while also knowing your parent is safe, healthy, and comfortable. Just having access to this type of care can me and your family can spend more quality time together, and enjoy stronger and more beneficial relationships.

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