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Use IADLs to Determine When Senior Care is Necessary

By Hilary and Greg Eldridge

Most seniors agree that aging in place sounds most appealing. Maybe they've lived in the same home for 30, 40, or 50 years. It could be that the thought of packing up and moving to a new neighborhood is scary. Some seniors simply don't think they could afford to move.

You're torn between your parents' wishes to age in place and your concerns that they're not safe. When it comes to long-term care, it can be hard to decide when your parents can't be on their own. IADLs are a good way to determine when senior care is necessary.

What Are IADLs?

IADL is the acronym for instrumental activities of daily living. These are the things your parents should be able to do on their own. Most of them help with household management, but there are some that deal more with personal health and safety.

In terms of household management, your parents should be able to shop for groceries, create a weekly menu that is appropriate for any dietary concerns, and prep and cook each meal. Your parents should be able to keep the house clean and organized. Laundry needs to be done regularly. Bills must be paid. Your parents should be able to drive a car or arrange transportation.

For health and safety, your parents should be able to look up a phone number and make a call. Your parents have to be able to schedule appointments and keep them. Your parents need to be able to take medications as directed and remember to have them refilled when necessary.

Senior Care Services Help With IADLs and ADLs

ADLs are different to IADLs. These are activities that must be completed daily. They include tasks like showering, oral care, using a toilet, eating a meal, and mobility. If your parent can no longer handle cutting up foods, help is necessary to prevent malnutrition. Your mom or dad may need someone to help them walk up and down stairs or get out of bed.

Hiring senior care services enables your parents to age at home without a struggle. You may opt to be a caregiver to your parent. It's a commendable, challenging role. You will find yourself needing breaks from time to time for appointments, errands, or a break.

When you're ready to have someone else take over for a little bit, respite care is the solution. Caregivers take over for people who need to go to an appointment, take a vacation, recover from an illness, or simply go out with friends. Call a senior care agency to discuss your respite care needs.

If you or an aging loved one are considering hiring senior care in Duluth, GA, please contact the caring staff at Home Helpers, call (678) 430-8511.