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Is Your Senior Refusing to Go to Her Doctor?

By Hilary and Greg Eldridge

There are so many reasons why your senior might flat out refuse to go to a doctor’s appointment. She might be afraid of what her doctor is going to tell her or she may simply hate going. Whatever the reason, you need to get to the bottom of it.

Do You Know Why She Won’t Go?

It’s entirely possible, especially if you don’t live with your senior, that you had no idea she wasn’t going to her doctor. Even if she’s told you in the past that she has no intention of going to her doctor’s office at all, you might have thought she’d go for certain issues or to refill prescriptions. It can be shocking to find out she’s not going. So, if you’re just finding this out, ask her why she won’t go.

How Urgently Does She Need to Go to the Doctor?

If there’s a reason why your elderly family member really should be at the doctor today or in the very near future, this becomes a more urgent situation. It can help to assess and to break down what’s going on. There may also be situations that would be good for her to see her doctor about, such as ensuring that her blood pressure is still controlled by medication she continues to take, but that aren’t urgent. It’s important to know which you’re dealing with at the moment.

Talk to Her

You might need to sit down with your senior and work out what’s going on in more detail. If she’s convinced you’re going to force her to the doctor anyway, you might need to give her a disclaimer before she’ll talk more with you. What’s really important here is that you reassure her that you’re seeking understanding.

You Might Have to Give it a Rest

Depending on how the conversation goes, you may have to back off for a bit. No matter how badly you want your elderly family member to go to the doctor, she’s still an adult and making her own decisions. That means that you may have to just respect her decision and help her in other ways. This isn’t easy to do at all and it might be something that causes great frustration for you.

Find Some Compromises

You might be able to get her to agree to some compromises if she’s open to that idea. Compromises could include criteria that would convince her to make that appointment, like her blood pressure measuring higher on a home meter. Those compromises help both of you to build trust with each other.

If there are other factors keeping your senior from going, like thinking that she doesn’t have a way to drive herself to the doctor, then maybe elderly care providers can help. They can take care of the driving, leaving her to do what she needs to do.

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