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Four Tips for Dealing with Overwhelm

By Hilary and Greg Eldridge

At some point, everyone gets overwhelmed. But when you’re a caregiver, those feelings of overwhelm may not be ones that you can indulge when you need to. That can cause you to make decisions you don’t really want to make.

Take a Step Back, if You Can

When you’re overwhelmed, everything is right there on top of you. Find ways to take a step back. This might not always be possible, but if you put the right tools in place you have a better shot. Hiring elder care providers gives you someone else you can lean on when you’re not up to the battle in that moment. You can take the time that you need and yet your senior still has the support that she needs, too.

Try not to Make Any Decisions Just Yet

If you’re still overwhelmed, don’t feel pressured to make any decisions just yet. This is doubly true if the decision is a big one that would change your life, your senior’s life, or your caregiving situation. If it’s someone else who wants a decision from you, get a deadline from them. Very few decisions truly have to be made right at that exact moment.

Give Yourself Time to Put Things in Order

Overwhelm has this habit of mixing up all the stuff you’re dealing with. If you’re able to take a step back, use that time to help you put everything back into some semblance of order. It can help to actually write things down and to make notes. This gives you a way to see things with a little more clarity and that can help you to know what needs to happen next.

Talk to Someone You Trust

It’s also a good idea to talk to someone that you trust about what’s going on. Hearing from someone who can see the situation from a different perspective might help you to see things from another perspective, too. Talking to people who care about you can also help you to feel safer and more supported, which is not something that you have when you’re feeling extremely overwhelmed.

When you know that you’ve got a plan for dealing with overwhelm you might find that these episodes pass a little more quickly than they did before. Give yourself the time and the space that you need to have the right tools to keep overwhelm from showing up nearly as often.

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