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Why Is Your Senior More Likely to Fall?

By Hilary and Greg Eldridge

There are dozens of reasons your senior might be more susceptible to falling and you might not be able to prevent every single cause. But the more causes you’re familiar with, the easier it will be to spot issues that can bring big problems later.

She’s not Seeing Well

How well your senior sees is directly correlated to her fall risk. If she can’t see where she’s going and what’s happening around her, she’s not going to be able to avoid issues. Regular eye exams and proper lighting can both be effective solutions to this problem. Talk to your senior about whether she’s experiencing headaches or blurry vision. She may not think about those as being a problem.

Her Feet Hurt

When your aging family member’s feet hurt, they’re not going to be able to be the foundation she needs in order to keep her stable. Proper footwear can help to correct and to prevent foot pain, both now and in the future. Make sure that your senior’s footwear is the right size and that it’s sturdy enough for daily wear. Mention any aches and pains to her doctor to rule out bigger considerations.

Balance Issues

If your elderly family member isn’t able to maintain her balance easily, that’s a big problem. That alone can make her extremely wobbly as she walks. Everything from muscle loss to hearing issues can create a balance problem. Figure out what is behind the problem so that you can determine if the issue can be corrected.

Lower Body Muscle Loss

It’s normal for your elderly family member to lose a little bit of muscle, especially in her lower body. But if she’s lost a good bit of muscle in her legs, that’s going to make it difficult for her to maneuver safely. If she’s not walking much, she’s definitely losing muscle. Find ways for her to continue to exercise, even if it’s just a little bit each day.

Medication Side Effects

Your senior may take medications that she absolutely needs to be taking, but those medications often have side effects. Dizziness, muscle weakness, and other side effects can all create big problems. Talk with your elderly family member’s doctor about the side effects you’re seeing. There may be options such as other medications or smaller dosages which can help.

Household Hazards

Household problems, like damaged flooring, loose carpeting, or too much clutter, can all be a problem when it comes to keeping your senior from falling. Doing regular safety sweeps can be a huge part of ensuring that your aging adult doesn’t have any new issues threatening her ability to avoid a fall.

Spotting these issues might not always be easy for you as your senior’s caregiver. Sometimes you’re too close to the situation. Elderly care providers can help you to see these and other problems which can be fall risks for your senior. It’s highly possible that more than one issue is working against her, which means you’ll need to troubleshoot carefully.

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