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Dementia & Alzheimer’s Care in Burlington

in-Home Care Services Near You

The challenges of caring for a loved one who’s suffering from dementia can be overwhelming. Our professional caregivers at Home Helpers Home Care of Burlington can ease the burden with customized home care services that ensure a higher quality of life for you, your loved one, and your entire family.

To provide the most effective method of home care services for your family’s unique situation, our team receives specialized training and are highly experienced in dementia care; in fact, many are certified in Alzheimer’s care through our partnership with the National Certification Board for Alzheimer Care (NCBAC).

If you need help with a loved one with Alzheimer’s and Dementia in Burlington, WI, please call us at (262) 233-1268 and schedule your free in-home care assessment today!

Some Possible Signs of Dementia

  • Memory Loss: Difficulty remembering events and dates, repeated questions.
  • Task Challenges: Struggles with familiar tasks due to declining problem-solving.
  • Disorientation: Getting lost or losing track of time and place.
  • Language Issues: Trouble finding words and following conversations.
  • Impaired Judgment: Poor decision-making, potentially unsafe actions.
  • Mood Changes: Mood swings, irritability, or social withdrawal.
  • Item Misplacement: Frequent loss of items, trouble finding them.
  • Visual Perception Changes: Difficulty recognizing faces or objects.
  • Complex Tasks: Struggles with multi-step tasks like dressing or cooking.
  • Social Withdrawal: Withdrawal from social activities due to confusion.
  • Hygiene Neglect: Neglecting personal hygiene, including bathing

Benefits of In-Home Dementia Care

Dementia care involves providing specialized support and assistance to individuals with dementia, a group of cognitive disorders characterized by memory loss, impaired thinking, and changes in behavior. Quality dementia care from Home Helpers Home Care of Burlington offers several benefits for both the individuals with dementia and their caregivers:

  • Improved Quality of Life: Dementia care enhances independence and well-being by providing assistance with daily activities, encouraging social engagement, and ensuring a safe living environment.
  • Enhanced Safety: Dementia care prioritizes safety through hazard removal, fall prevention, and strategies to reduce wandering, creating a secure living environment.
  • Emotional Support: Our trained dementia care providers offer crucial emotional support, alleviating confusion and anxiety, and reducing emotional distress in individuals with dementia.
  • Cognitive Stimulation: Our caregivers engage individuals with dementia in stimulating activities like puzzles and memory games, helping maintain cognitive function and delaying decline.
  • Medication Management: Our dementia care providers ensure proper medication administration, improving symptom management and overall health for individuals with dementia.
  • Nutritional Support: Our dementia care includes monitoring dietary intake to guarantee proper nutrition and hydration for individuals with eating and drinking difficulties.
  • Family and Caregiver Support: Dementia care services provide respite for family caregivers, reducing stress and burnout while ensuring capable care.
  • Social Engagement: Dementia care promotes social interaction through group activities and companionship, enhancing mood and cognitive function in isolated individuals.

Dementia care plays a crucial role in enhancing the well-being and quality of life of individuals with dementia and their caregivers. It encompasses a range of services that address the unique needs and challenges associated with this condition, ultimately aiming to promote independence and dignity for those affected by dementia.

Find reliable in-home dementia care in Burlington, WI. Call us at (262) 233-1268 or reach out online to learn how our team of caregivers can assist your family.

Steps to Care

  1. 1.
    Initial Call Once we’ve received your information, we will have a detailed call to gather more information on the care situation, answer any pressing concerns, and set up a time to meet in person.
  2. 2.
    In-home Care Assessment Here we will answer all your questions, and ask some of our own to craft a Cared-4Customized Care Plan to your unique needs.
  3. 3.
    Start of Care We will come with our Caregiver on the first day of care to go through the Care Plan together and help with introductions.
  4. 4.
    Client Visits Once we have begun care, we will pop in at times our Caregiver is there to see how things are going and determine if we need to adjust the Care Plan.