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Companion Care in Denver

A Compassionate Smile and an Open Heart

Being elderly can be extremely cold, isolating, lonely, and terrifying. Social isolation is an endemic problem among elderly people. As friends pass on, family get busy with their lives, and you become less able to get around or leave your house, it becomes much harder to maintain the friendships and human connections that make a full, rich, fulfilling life.

Sometimes, when you or your loved one are perfectly capable of caring for yourselves, a friend is what you need more than anything. That’s what we’re here for. Home Helpers Home Care offers Companion Care services to elderly people in Denver and the surrounding areas. We will match you or your loved one with a Companion with similar interests over which they can bond, and be there as someone to talk to, to listen to your problems and troubles, and care for them. Our Companions are trained and licensed to provide companionship to elderly people, and they genuinely care about building friendships with the elderly.

Interested in companion care in Denver? Call (303) 225-5832 or schedule an appointment online for a free online assessment.

What Does a Companion Do for the Elderly?

Companion care is a separate service from caregiving. The latter involves basic routine care like hygiene, housekeeping, medication and health routines, safety and monitoring. Companion care is based more on emotional support and friendship.

Being withdrawn or cut off from people impacts quality of life and even leads to physical and mental health issues like anxiety and depression. Companions are there so that you or your loved one are reminded that there are still people who look out for you and care for you. Like you have someone to spend time with and comfort you when you’re feeling sad or stressed.

Companions may organize activities like:

  • Playing games and puzzles
  • Running errands
  • Going out to eat or doing things together
  • Bonding with family and friends through video calls

Personalized Care Plans for Your Loved Ones

At Home Helpers Home Care of Denver, CO, we deeply acknowledge that each individual possesses distinct needs and preferences, particularly concerning their care. This understanding underpins our commitment to offering custom care plans tailored to address the specific requirements of your cherished family members. Collaborating closely with you and your loved ones, our dedicated team endeavors to craft a personalized care strategy that comprehensively addresses their physical, emotional, and social well-being.

Within our personalized care plans, you can expect a range of services tailored to meet your loved one's needs, including:

  • Assistance with essential daily activities, encompassing bathing, dressing, and grooming, ensuring they can maintain their dignity and independence.
  • Dedicated companionship and meaningful social interaction to alleviate feelings of loneliness and foster a sense of connection and joy.
  • Reliable medication reminders and assistance, guaranteeing they adhere to their prescribed regimen for optimal health outcomes.
  • Thoughtful meal planning and preparation, ensuring they receive nourishing and delicious meals tailored to their dietary requirements and preferences.
  • Convenient transportation services to medical appointments and social outings, enabling them to engage with their community and maintain vital connections.

By crafting a personalized care plan, we pledge to provide your loved ones with the individualized attention and support essential for them to thrive comfortably and independently within the familiar surroundings of their own home.

Don't wait any longer to provide your loved ones with the personalized care and support they deserve. Contact us today by calling (303) 225-5832 or reach out online to learn how our tailored care plans can make a meaningful difference in their lives.

Steps to Care

  1. 1.
    Initial Call Once we’ve received your information, we will have a detailed call to gather more information on the care situation, answer any pressing concerns, and set up a time to meet in person.
  2. 2.
    In-home Care Assessment Here we will answer all your questions, and ask some of our own to craft a Cared-4Customized Care Plan to your unique needs.
  3. 3.
    Start of Care We will come with our Caregiver on the first day of care to go through the Care Plan together and help with introductions.
  4. 4.
    Client Visits Once we have begun care, we will pop in at times our Caregiver is there to see how things are going and determine if we need to adjust the Care Plan.