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Get Healthy this Winter - Tips for Seniors

By Tiffany S.

Get Healthy this Winter - Tips for Seniors

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It's that time of the year, viruses are spreading like wildfire and almost everyone you see is getting sick. Unfortunately, seniors tend to have a lower immune system. This will put them at a higher risk for catching an illness. Here are couple of tips for keeping your loved ones healthy this winter. 

Family Workout - Assist the seniors in your life by coordinating family workout sessions, some churches offer cheap work out classes that are simple and fun. This doesn't have to be anything crazy! Many seniors enjoy activities like walking, or even at home exercises. 

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Get a Flu Shot - Per the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, vaccination is especially important for people 65 years and older because they are at high risk for complications from the flu. Flu vaccines are often updated each season to keep up with the changing viruses. Immunity lasts over a year so annual vaccination is needed to ensure the best protection against influenza.

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Stop the Spread of Germs Throughout the Home - Keeping yourself and others safe from germs is an easy and effective way to prevent getting sick this winter season.  Some ways to do this are by avoiding close contact with people who are sick. Also, you want to disinfecting commonly used objects in the home such as – door handles, sink handles, the refrigerator door, or anything that is commonly and frequently used throughout the day. Another way to stop the spread of germs is to frequently washing your hands. 

From all of us here at Home Helpers Home Care of Southeastern KY, we wish you a healthy and happy holiday season!