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Senior Care

  • Senior Care Tulsa - Resentment Senior Care Tulsa - Resentment Seniors and the elderly, particularly those being cared for by others often resent the person caring for them, the family surrounding the caregiver and themselves. Guilt, defined as “the fact of having committed a specific or implied offense or crime” is linked to resentment ... Read More
  • A Patient's Resolution - In-home Senior Care Tulsa A Patient's Resolution - In-home Senior Care Tulsa As a caregiver you observe your patient performing the few tasks they remain capable of on a daily basis. For the immobile or bedridden these tasks may be few and engulfed in reams of disappointment and frustration. Despite the imperfect activity or inactivity observed, ... Read More
  • Blogging - Oklahoma Caregivers Blogging - Oklahoma Caregivers WHY WRITE A BLOG Most caregivers will tell you they don’t have time to blog, or don’t know what to blog about. They will tell you they’re to emotional about their situation, or to involved or to angry or simply unhappy with who they’ve become. Blogging is the process of ... Read More
  • Tulsa Senior Care - A Willing Spirit Tulsa Senior Care - A Willing Spirit Soon the trees will be ablaze in yellows, reds and gold. Leaves will bury once green grass and mums and pumpkins will adorn grocery store entrances. Summer is ending, school has started and cooler weather is a draw for the young and the not so young. Seniors and children ... Read More
  • Senior Care - Heat Stress Senior Care - Heat Stress The weather has changed and although homes, offices and businesses are air conditioned, heat and humidity continue to affect our senior and elderly population. Heat stress, heat fatigue and hypothermia can cause nausea, muscle spasms, headaches and cold symptoms (sneezing, ... Read More
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