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5 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Companion Care Provider

By Debbie Humphrey

Many of us don’t see our fathers or mothers as EVER needing help. We want to believe that parents are supposed to live forever. No one really expects to be the caretakers of people we once saw as strong and dependable. Eventually, we see the signs and then its time to decide what to do.

A lot of people are scared of putting their loved ones in homes, or in strict and costly round the clock services. At the same time, it scares seniors to let go of their independence – their family might also have some guilt about placing them so far away from the life they once enjoyed. Thank Goodness for the choices we have today! If you are looking for a way to care for your loved one without disrupting their life, consider in-home companion care as an alternative. Here are 5 questions you should ask before hiring a companion care provider:
1. What are the limits of your service? Look for home care services that include light housework, meal preparation and other essential domestic duties.

2. What are credentials of your staff? How do you screen them? Look at how they screen and employ their staff. Make sure that your home care provider has been properly licensed and professionally trained people with qualified experience.

3. Could you refer me to a client you have that has a situation similar to mine? A great senior care organization should have a good track record with plenty of customer referrals.

4. Can they schedule according to my needs or fit times in around my schedule? Flexibility is a must. A Home Care Service should work around your needs and your schedule as often as possible to make the experience as enjoyable and efficient.

5.  What are the costs? Home care needs differ from one case to another.

Asking the right questions will make you more comfortable with your caretaking arrangements and provide for a better experience for your aging loved ones. Just remember that quality home care companies like Home Helpers can give you the option of making your loved one’s life better. They will be in good hands – while enjoying compassionate care right in the security of their own home.