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Is Companion Care Right for your Aging Parent?

By Debbie Humphrey

Your parents are older and you’re worried about their well-being. You may have noticed their needs changing over time or it could have happened overnight. Determining if your Mom or Dad needs in-home companion care is easier if you know what to look for. Your parent could fear losing their independence and cover up the signs that they may truly need assistance. So how do you know?

Here are 5 questions you can ask your parent to identify potential areas of concern:

  1. Would it be easier if someone drove you to your doctor’s appointments, religious services and visits with family and friends?
  2. What has your doctor told you about your health?
  3. Could you use help remembering what pills to take and when?
  4. Do you need help with household chores, such as cleaning or preparing meals?
  5.  Does poor eyesight interfere with your daily activities?

Answers to these questions will help you paint a clear picture of how your parent is faring and will help you assess their needs. Begin sharing your concerns with your loved one. Often times, there are simple things you can do to provide assistance with daily living.

However, with the demands of your own family, it may be difficult to provide the day-to-day care your loved one deserves. This is where many family members start feeling guilty and wonder how to make it all work. This is where a service like in-home companion care can help. Home care agencies like Home Helpers, provide assistance with daily activities, allowing your loved one to live independently and giving you piece of mind.

In Home companion care is an affordable option for most families because it’s priced less than home health care and assisted-living facilities. In addition, companion care is just as the name implies—companionship. This type of care is more comfortable for seniors because it allows them to remain independent and can keep them from going to that next more costly step: assisted living or a nursing home facility.