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Holidays are Happier Days with Elder Care Services

By Debbie Humphrey

We have all heard the saying, “home is where the heart is,” but at Home Helpers, that is where compassionate hearts preside!

With the tremendous need for elder care services in our area, it takes very special people with knowledge, experience and a huge capacity for love and kindness, to use these attributes for the benefit of lonely, sick, and helpless seniors, especially during the holidays.

holiday shopping listHoliday shopping is one way the special caregivers at Home Helpers lend a hand. Not only will  perfectly-matched caregivers accompany seniors when shopping, but they can help in the overall gift selection process and wrap the presents beautifully for the joy of the giver and the recipient.

When someone is not ambulatory, shopping can be next to impossible. Our honest caregivers make great personal shoppers that relinquish that challenge and offer all-important peace of mind. Plus, they can assist with online ordering when necessary, because many seniors are not computer-savvy, or they suffer from visual impairments or arthritic conditions that make using technology more difficult.

Decking the halls and putting up a Christmas tree is no problem for the talented caregivers of Home Helpers. What better way to keep the beauty and love of the holiday season surrounding senior citizens no longer able to do for themselves? Plus, this service removes the never-ending frustration of struggling with the Christmas lights!

In cases of Alzheimer’s and dementia patients, frustration reaches far beyond Christmas lights. When a loved one is oblivious to the festivities or stumbles to recognize their own relatives, it can be incredibly difficult for family members. Professional caregivers are the perfect answer to this troubling dilemma, as the emotional, familial connection is reduced, and they can do the job they were hired to do: provide exceptional care and companionship!

We are thankful we can provide elder care services for the clients we are enlisted to assist and the families thereof. We are thankful for our wonderful caregivers without whom there would be no Home Helpers. We thank you in advance for considering Home Helpers for elder care services this holiday season and beyond. Keep your loved ones safe, secure, content and joyful this holiday season by calling Home Helpers today: 727-942-2539.