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How to Make Holidays Happy Days for Seniors

By Debbie Humphrey

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day are traditionally spent with family and friends. It is important that the seniors involved feel part of the celebration and truly engage with others, most especially their children and grandchildren. The following are a few helpful hints from the compassionate caregivers at Home Helpers, that will help you help your special senior family members and friends have a very happy holiday!

When you pick up your elderly loved ones for your family’s holiday festivities, bring along any medication they may need for the day.

Make sure when seniors are included in your celebrations, that they have a prominent place to sit among the family, so they can participate in conversations and share precious memories of days gone by. The elders in our lives are walking history books. They have seen and experienced things in their lifetimes that young people of today cannot fathom.

As you prepare the family table for dining, be careful to seat seniors comfortably where they can hear and communicate with everyone and enjoy their meal. If you are providing a buffet, go through the buffet for your elderly loved ones, because it may not be feasible for them to do so, or it may be impossible if they are not ambulatory.

If you know a senior that will be on their own or all alone for the holidays, consider extending an invitation so they can share in the beauty, love and happiness of the day with your family. If this is not possible, contact Home Helpers today to make arrangements for a compassionate caregiver to spend time with your special senior someone. 727-942-2539

From the Home Helpers family to yours, we wish everyone a very happy, healthy holiday season!