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Relax and Enjoy Life with Non-Medical Senior Care

By Debbie Humphrey

“A woman’s work is never done.” This is a familiar cliché with which the majority of us would agree. In the case of elderly women, they may not be able to do many of the daily or weekly tasks they once found routine, due to physical, and sometimes, mental constraints, or perhaps because of a diminished desire to keep up with the work.

This is when non-medical senior care becomes a Godsend to those in need of assistance.

The compassionate caregivers at Home Helpers are experts at the organization and management of even simple household tasks like dishes and laundry. They are attuned to helping elders sort through clutter, throw out the trash, and put things away, especially if that involves using stairs, step-stools or ladders, which are more dangerous the older we get.

Caregivers call or go online to schedule important appointments with doctors, hair stylists and home maintenance professionals, like air conditioning contractors or repairmen. Transportation assistance to appointments outside of the home are also included in non-medical senior care, for those no longer able to drive themselves.

Caregivers prepare nutritious meals and snacks, when “nothing sounds good”, or so seniors don’t “forget to eat”. Often times, medication should be taken with or after meals. Professional caregivers will offer gentle reminders when medication is due, and call the pharmacy for refills when prescriptions are running low.

Going to the mailbox or retrieving the newspaper is, essentially, an involuntary action to most people. However, to seniors with ambulatory issues, it becomes more of a chore they abhor. With the assistance of a caregiver, it is non-issue.

As mundane as these simple things sound, caregivers take these tasks and so many others quite seriously in order to keep their clients happy, comfortable, and closer to their normal routines. For a no-obligation in-home consultation, contact Home Helpers and be perfectly matched with a compassionate caregiver to assist with the non-medical senior care you need today. 727-942-2539.