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Companions Available for Seniors with Alzheimer’s in New Port Richey

By Debbie Humphrey

The gentleman had served his community for more than 30 years as Fire Chief. His long-term memory seems intact, based on the stories he recants of being a young boy bird hunting with his father.

Unfortunately, his short-term memory often falters, as he can’t remember what he had for breakfast 30 minutes prior. This once hard-working, kind, generous man is just one of many seniors with Alzheimer’s in New Port Richey, and his health continues to diminish.

His wife of more than 50 years retired from the nursing profession. She takes excellent care of her husband, day in and day out, as you might expect. However, as much as she loves him, her hands are full. Their oldest daughter is getting married for the first time at the age of 48, and she is deeply immersed in matrimonial planning for the big event in August.

This amazing woman loves her family and would do anything for anyone, but she is desperate for some down-time. She wants to keep her standing hair appointment each Friday morning and grocery shop without the distractions that go along with keeping close tabs on her husband. After all, he had strayed from her watch before, wandering nearly a mile from their home to the extremely busy Hwy 19. That was the first time he wandered-off, and she wanted to make sure it would be the last!

Thanks to a friend’s referral, she reached out to the professional caregivers at Home Helpers for assistance. Their perfectly-suited, compassionate caregiver provides companion care for her husband to insure his safety, while giving respite for her each week, affording her the time she needs to take care of herself, so she can continue caring for others.

Light housekeeping, like vacuuming and mopping, remove those chores from the her hectic agenda, which is also of great benefit due to her troublesome shoulder and low back pain.

There is so much more that Home Helpers can do for her if/when the time comes she and her husband require further assistance.

If the plight of this couple reminds you of your own situation, or that of someone you know and love, remember Home Helpers. Their expertise with in-home care is a Godsend when it comes to assisting seniors with Alzheimer’s in New Port Richey. They are available to help 24/7, 365. Call 727.942.2539, for your FREE in-home consultation today.