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Notice the Need for Senior In-Home Care in Clearwater

By Debbie Humphrey

If you haven’t already noticed, Florida has one of the highest populations of residents aged 65 and older of all the remaining 49 states. Clearwater ranks number two in the nation of cities with an overall population of more than 100,000, with the most residents in this age category, and is number one of the five Florida cities listed in the top ten across the country.

William Frey, a demographer and Brookings Institution senior fellow said, "Florida is a place where older people have moved to," says Frey. "The other places are aging because the young people are moving away."

It is wonderful to have an aging population full of wisdom and knowledge, so much of which is untapped by today’s generation, living among us, or moving to our little slice of paradise here in Clearwater!

However, with age also come challenges.

That being said, it is vital that family, friends and neighbors remain cognizant of elders they love and those around them, and take notice when senior in-home care in Clearwater may be necessary to maintain their best possible quality of life.

In as much as you can’t judge a book by its cover, be sure to pay attention to the physical appearances of seniors you know and love, and how they are managing domestic chores. Weight gain or loss by an individual is usually easy to see, but can be a sign that the person is not eating properly or may be suffering from an underlying health condition. Their personal hygiene is another way to determine if they are on their game or if something is amiss. Unusual housekeeping practices can also lend clues that help may be needed.

Memory is an important clue to recognize. Is their memory accurate, or do they fail to remember appointments or events that were once too important to miss? When engaging seniors in conversation, you can determine if they actively participate in the dialogue, or if they become withdrawn or despondent.

Noticing someone struggle with walking, or with chores they once handled with little or no help, is a sign they may need assistance. If an elder you know has become unbalanced or who has recently fallen due to ambulatory decline, it may well be worth having a compassionate caregiver lend a hand.

Moods are also indicative of a senior’s well-being. Are they withdrawn and depressed, or are they socially interactive and positively engaged with others?

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