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Include Seniors in Holiday Fun & Festivities

By Debbie Humphrey

The last major holiday before summer comes to an end is Labor Day. Established in 1894, the first Monday in September became known as Labor Day, a Federal Holiday intended to celebrate America’s workforce and give them an opportunity to relax and enjoy time with family and friends, on what would normally be Monday at work.

AAA estimates more than 35 million people will travel over Labor Day weekend, especially since gas prices are lower, enabling travelers to go the distance for one last summer fling!

Home Helpers ClearwaterRemember to include seniors in holiday fun and festivities, because not only is it a great opportunity to bond and share entertaining stories and precious memories with a generation who has seen the world and the workforce dramatically change since their youth, but it is vital to keep seniors active and engaged.

Holidays are a wonderful opportunity to relax and have some end-of-summer fun, but it’s also a terrific time for seniors to socialize with their family, friends, neighbors and peers, as well as bridge the obvious gaps between generations these days.

If traveling with a senior, plan to make a few stops along the way, so they can stretch their legs and move their joints to avoid pain & stiffness. Make sure all elderly passengers have any medications they may require over the course of the weekend, and pack your own snacks and beverages to reduce travel expenses and provide nourishment and hydration, especially on longer journeys.

If you are planning to stick around town, consider bringing lunch to a senior, reminisce awhile, or break out a deck of cards and play a hand or two. Perhaps, you can take them out to lunch or invite them to a cookout or barbeque. Just make sure there are edible options available to accommodate dietary, and potentially, dental restrictions.

For more tips to keep seniors included in holiday fun, contact the compassionate, care-giving experts at Home Helpers. They have extensive knowledge and experience about how to help make your special senior’s holiday a truly memorable one! 727-942-2539