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Avert Elderly Loneliness and Depression over the Holidays

By Debbie Humphrey

I recently received correspondence from a senior reader of our blogs. She reached out all the way from Sydney, Nova Scotia, with a very important message about elderly loneliness and depression I feel compelled to share.

“Your ideas are so good. Seniors are mostly treated like they lost their brains somewhere. Loneliness is another problem. You can be living with family around you and still be lonely. We have lived our lives and have a lifetime of wisdom to share with our younger women, but they don't want to know. We have become a burden. I am like many seniors, a young person in an old body unable to do the things I used to do. When I discard this body I will be young again, at the end of my journey to a place where I have been travelling to since the day I was born: heaven. It has been a long trip, but when we arrive, it will have been so worth it. My name is Iris Fenton.”

Home Helpers ClearwaterShe brings up some very good points. Elderly loneliness and depression during the holidays is, unfortunately, quite common. This is how I responded to Iris:

“Thanks for your most heartfelt comment on our video. I am glad you have enjoyed the ideas.  It was very touching and so truthful the comments you made. One of the very things we try to instill in our caregivers is to “listen”.  Seniors have so many wonderful stories, life experiences and wisdom that our younger generation will never know about if they don’t take the time to “listen”.  As well, loneliness and depression are very common among our senior population.  I would encourage you to continue doing the things you are able to, keep your mind young by reading, doing puzzles or crafts, or surround yourself with family and/or other seniors. Please don’t think of yourself as a burden, just remember you are part of the Master plan and will one day enjoy that younger body you spoke about.  Blessings to you and thank you for telling us how you feel. You speak for many seniors in your situation.”

This holiday season, and throughout 2017, I encourage and challenge you, younger generations, and caregivers to spend quality time with the elderly and “listen.” They have so much to offer all of us in their individual life experiences. Not only will this lift their spirits, but it will curb loneliness and prevent them from possibly slipping into a debilitating depression, which can easily result in negative physical health effects.

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