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11 Health-Conscious Gifts for Senior Men in Time for Father's Day

When we were young children, my siblings and I always wanted to get gifts for our Dad and Grandpa that they would really like and find useful. My younger sister actually bought Daddy Chapstick one year for Father’s Day, because she remembered he regularly used it.

That’s a fond memory for sure, but in the years that followed, it became more challenging to find gifts that were both sophisticated and appreciated by the special men in our lives.

Because finding appropriate gifts for dads, grandpas, brothers, and uncles can be difficult, and June is Men’s Health Month, I decided to do some research to find health-conscious gifts for senior men just in time for Father’s Day, June 14.

Olivia O’Bryon, contributing writer with Forbes, said, “Finding a Father’s Day gift that encourages dad to take care of himself can be a great angle, especially because many dads don’t splurge on themselves in this department. Best of all, buying dad a wellness gift shows you care about his health and longevity, which will also win you extra points.”

With some help from Forbes and US News and World Report, I found 10 great wellness gifts for health-conscious men, plus one of my own.

Exercise Trackers – A wearable exercise tracker, like a Fitbit or Armour39, will provide statistics to help him reach his health and fitness goals. Some models also monitor sleep patterns.

Bike Horns – If your special fella enjoys biking for exercise, a loud bike horn will help keep him and others safe while he’s pedaling the roads.

Cooking Tools – Proper nutrition is key to better health and wellness, so consider a set of quality knives, a chef’s knife, an apple slicer, a salad spinner, or a cutting board. Many of these options are quite affordable.

Walnuts – Angela Haupt of US News and World Report says, “A pound of walnuts. It’s like handing over a dose of heart health in a bag. Walnuts are packed with antioxidants, healthy monounsaturated fats and omega-3 fatty acids, and they’ll boost (his) levels of vitamin E, potassium, calcium, iron, and magnesium.” She suggests walnuts be eaten one cup at a time @ 200 calories/cup.

Heart Rate Monitor – These are readily available and affordable if dad or grandpa should better monitor his heart. These will assess exercise intensity; most display stats about fat- and calorie-burning; and some can even alert him when he’s nearing dehydration.

Chin-up Bar – Chin-ups help strengthen at least a dozen muscles in his back, arms, shoulders, and chest, and a chin-up bar is an affordable option.

Introductory Lessons – What are some of his interests? Perhaps, you can find introductory lessons in yoga, dance, golf, or tennis. If he likes to cook, research to find a basic or specialized culinary class that he would enjoy.

Index Biological Age Test by Elysium – O’Bryon explains, “This Index Biological Age Test by Elysium uses a simple at-home saliva test to analyze DNA methylation to determine biological age based on ten aging factors. It also provides an overall rate of aging as well as the rate of aging for major body systems – including brain, liver, and heart – paired with lifestyle suggestions to support better health.”

Young Forever, by Mark Hyman, M.D. – This book is full of science-backed methods to slow and even reverse aging, and it should leave him feeling motivated to make healthy lifestyle choices for better health and wellness.

Rogue Echo Bike V3.0 – This is a sturdy fan bike that is solidly constructed to provide a smooth full-body workout while a quiet fan keeps him cool. It also has wheels for easy movement and storage.

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