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Top 5 Foods for an Easily Upset Stomach

By Joe Sander

As we grow older, we find our ability to digest and consume foods with ease to become more difficult. Certain foods begin to upset our stomachs and cause painful side effects, such as heartburn and acid reflux. Sometimes it can feel like you will never be able to eat meals pain-free again. That is why we want to share the best foods to incorporate into your diet when your stomach is upset.


  1. Oatmeal and Berries

As the saying goes, “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.” Oatmeal is a great nutritious meal that is very easy on the stomach. It is also extremely filling. When the oatmeal is warm it is easier to eat. The berries serve as a great compliment to the warm oats. You can use any berry. Blueberries or strawberries are generally very popular. Fruits are very healthy and add a natural and sweet taste to the meal. This meal is perfect for a filling breakfast every morning.


  1. Power Toast

This toast is another easy yet nutritious and filling breakfast option. It is super easy to prepare. All you need to do is toast a piece of whole-wheat bread. Then you can spread peanut butter or almond butter on it. This meal provides your body with healthy fat and a little kick of protein. You can even add fruit on the side if you are still hungry or want a sweet taste in the morning.


  1. Salmon Wrap

This is a great lunch option for an uneasy stomach. All you have to do wrap some salmon in a whole grain wrap. You can add avocado, greens and tomatoes as well in order to bulk up your wrap with healthy nutrients. To make this lunch option more filling, you can add fruit or plain yogurt on the side. You will feel full without having stomach issues.


  1. Shrimp and Fresh Vegetables

Shrimp can easily be bought and prepared in order to have a healthy dinner option. It is easy on the stomach and fills you up without giving you heartburn or acid reflux. Fresh vegetables are a great side for the main course. Green vegetables are very nutritious and serve as a great compliment to the shrimp. The shrimp can also be easily substituted with any leftover salmon you might have from the lunch option above.


  1. Rice and Mashed Potatoes

Rice and mashed potatoes is a great combo that taste good and are very filling. This meal is also easy to chew and is very easy for the body to digest. It also provides a boost of energy. This dinner option can also be complimented with fruits or vegetables. This will make the meal more nutritious and add to the flavor as well.


When preparing meals becomes too difficult, a great option is to turn to home healthcare providers. These people truly put those they are taking care of first. They provide them with a wide range of services, including preparing meals that are nutritious and avoid upsetting your stomach. Contact Joe Sander at Home Helpers today to find out more about senior care.