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4 Tasks that the Elderly Need Help With

By Joe Sander

Eventually we hit a certain age where we can’t do everything on our own anymore. This age is different for everyone, but once we have trouble doing daily tasks, having an extra hand and support is exactly what we need. Life is too short to be in pain and struggle every day. The elderly struggle with many tasks. They can greatly benefit from having a home care helper to provide this needed aid. Here are some tasks that the elderly need help with: 


  1. Walking up and down stairs 

It can become very challenging for senior citizens to walk up and down the stairs. It can also be very dangerous. Many elderly people suffer from serious falls while walking up and down staircases. It can also strain bones and aggravate arthritis. Hiring a home care helper can be a great solution to this challenge. These helpers can aid the elderly in tasks such as using the stairs. 


  1. Cooking and eating 

It can be a lot more difficult to prepare and cook meals when you are older. You don’t have as strong of muscles to lift, stir, and cook. It can even become difficult to use utensils to eat food. Grocery shopping can also be a big concern when you are unable to drive anymore. There could also be the challenge of unloading groceries and reaching foods. The elderly can lose their ability to cook and eat with ease. This is why many families hire a home care helper that helps their loved ones grocery shop or prepare meals. Good nutrition is crucial in order to maintain good health. Therefore when it comes time to making healthy and filling meals is too challenging, looking into hiring extra support and aid is a great idea. 


  1. Cleaning 

When our bones and bodies don’t work as well as they used to, cleaning can be a pain. It’s very hard to bend down or push a vacuum when your muscles and tendons aren’t as strong as they used to be. Arthritis and aching bones can even make cleaning around the house very painful. Nobody wants to live in a messy home. The mess can add stress to our daily lives and can even affect our happiness and wellbeing. It can be dangerous for the elderly to clean up messes or to walk around and live in a messy environment. Home care helpers are a great option to hire someone to clean up and manage your loved one’s home. 


  1. Exercising 

Exercising can be a very big challenge for the elderly. Their bodies are not as strong as they used to be. Limited exercise can make them feel like they have lost the ability to stay in shape and to stay healthy. If there is a sport they love playing, such as golf, it can be a very difficult and sad thing to give up. Hiring a home care helper to encourage and lead an elderly person in exercising is a great solution. The elderly can stay in shape and feel like they have more control over their bodies and their health. Exercise will help them feel stronger, healthier, and even happier too. 


There are many tasks that become a challenge for the elderly. From walking down the stairs to cooking meals, tasks such as these become more difficult as they age. Hiring a home care helper is a great idea when these tasks become too painful for your loved ones. A home care helper can provide professional assistance and support. They are also very kind and can be a friendly face that your loved ones trust every single day. Life doesn’t have to be a struggle anymore thanks to home care providers.