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Seniors Falling Most Common Reason for Fatal & Non-Fatal Injuries

Fact: Seniors falling is the most common reason for non-fatal injuries that result in hospital stayssenior mom with daughter smiling*

True story: It was the Fourth of July. A daughter-in-law brought her two sons to visit their home-bound Grandmother on this special holiday, which was happily celebrated by their family for decades. The three walked into the den, and found the poor woman lying in the floor, drenched in sweat. She had fallen several hours prior and could not get up on her own.

Panic set in. The two, young boys sat behind their Grandmother to support her back, while their Mom tried desperately, yet unsuccessfully, to lift her Mother-in-law  from the floor. The distraught daughter-in-law called her own Mom for help. Finally, an ambulance was summoned, and her Mother-in-law was taken to the hospital for x-rays and observation. The woman suffered from stage-four cancer and dementia, or sundowners. In a matter of days, 24-hour in-home care was arranged to hasten the likelihood of this unfortunate accident repeating itself.

This type of scenario can happen to anyone, but occurs most frequently with seniors. What would have happened if the daughter-in-law had not decided to stop by for a visit with her husband’s Mom that day?

When a parent, grandparent, or someone you love is alone, ill, recovering from illness, or simply too unsteady to carefully navigate from one room to another, or safely seat themselves on chairs, commodes or beds, it may be time to consider professional in-home care. The knowledgeable caregivers at Home Helpers are trained to provide a helping hand to prevent seniors from falling, and guide them safely to their intended destinations.

Contact the experts at in-home elder care, Home Helpers, and minimize the risk of your special senior someone from falling today! (727) 240-3059.

*Fact from National Council on Aging,