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Comprehensive Assessments are Necessary to Find the Best In-Home Care in Clearwater

Over the holidays, I asked that you notice the needs of the seniors in your life. Sometimes, it can take some time…maybe even months…before needs are noticed and conversations have ensued that result in action to provide the necessary in-home care for them.

Recently, a friend and private caregiver who lives in another state received a call from an extended family member who was concerned about a special senior in her life. She told my friend that he was 84 years old and had been diagnosed with terminal cancer a few weeks ago. Since his diagnosis, he has declined and is now under Hospice care. Because she knew my friend very well, her name was on the hospice call list, and they have a family connection, the woman reached out to see if my friend was available to help.

Here's the thing. My friend helps several senior ladies each week – including her mother who just finished radiation treatments for cancer – and her schedule is varied and sometimes tight. Her question to the caller was, “What kinds of services does he need?”

After a brief hesitation, the caller admitted she thought he needed some light housekeeping: dusting, changing the sheets on his bed, and so forth. However, my friend has provided care for terminally ill patients under hospice care before, and it can be daunting!

My friend’s initial question and her subsequent queries for the caller all involved the client’s needs and his physical and mental condition. Understandably, the man is not exactly open to the idea of a stranger coming into his life as he is leaving it.

The questions my friend asked the caller were necessary for her to determine if her schedule could handle the responsibilities of a new client with a terminal illness.

In my case, it is always best for me to meet a client and/or their family members in person so I can do a comprehensive assessment of needs in order to match the perfect caregiver who will provide the assistance needed, where they are.

Steps to Care

There are four steps to getting started with Home Helpers® home care:

  1. Initial Call. Once I have received your information, I will have a short 5-10 minute phone call with you to answer any pressing concerns and set up a time to meet in person.
  2. In-Home Care Assessment. Here, I answer your questions and ask some of my own to thoroughly assess needs, so I can design a Cared-4℠ Customized Care Plan just for you!
  3. Start of Care. I will introduce you to your new caregiver and review your custom care plan.
  4. Client Visits. From time to time, I will stop by while our caregiver is there to see how things are going and make any necessary adjustments to the care plan

There are so many in-home care services Home Helpers® provides, that I will merely share a sample here:

  • Cared-4℠ Customized Care Plans
  • Wellness Calls
  • Condition-Tracking Technology
  • Homemaker Services
  • Regular Communication
  • Diet-Specific Meal Services
  • Grocery Shopping/Nutritious Meal Planning & Preparation
  • Specialized Care Services
  • In-Home Care 24/7/365

You see, we’re more than an in-home health care agency. At Home Helpers® Clearwater, we’re your extended family when family can’t be there. I am available to discuss the many services we offer during a FREE consultation and comprehensive assessment of needs. During this assessment, I will answer all of your questions and ask some of my own to craft a Cared-4℠ Customized Care Plan that is perfectly suited for you.

We, at Home Helpers® Clearwater, are honored to have received the Home Care Pulse – Best of Home Care® Provider of Choice Award 2016-2022 and the Best of Home Care® Employer of Choice Award 2022. We proudly serve male and female seniors in Clearwater, Dunedin, Palm Harbor, Safety Harbor, Tarpon Springs, Holiday, New Port Richey, Trinity, Port Richey, Hudson, and surrounding areas. Home Helpers®…we are Making Life Easier℠ 727.942.2539