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Top 10 Nursing Homes in Tampa

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Top 10 Nursing Homes in Tampa

Retirement is something which one tends to ignore in their younger years. However, an organized person is one who considers their situation in their golden years, from the day they start working and earning a regular income. Old age is an inevitable stage of life, and it comes to everyone equally, whether rich or poor, good or bad, anywhere in the world. So, it is good to have a plan for retirement and old age in place.

One important aspect of old age is finding a nursing home that you are comfortable living in and relying on. Initially, older people enjoy good health, despite their advancing years. However, there comes a time when health begins to deteriorate. This happens to most of us, and the most practical solution to this is getting assisted care through a nursing home.

When a person reaches the stage that admission to a nursing home is required, you don’t want to choose the first name out of the Yellow Pages, for taking care of your loved one. However, if you surf the internet, you will see such an abundance of nursing homes offering ‘quality’ services, that you will feel inundated by the sheer numbers. The nursing home business is a multi-billion dollar business, and you don’t want to be ripped off by an unscrupulous organization that will take your money, but not impart the dedicated care to your loved one as promised. Here is a list of some of the best-recommended nursing homes in the Tampa Bay area.

NuVista Living

Located on the North Dale Mabry Highway, North Tampa, this is one of the newer nursing homes in the area.  Established in 2011, NuVista Nursing Home is one of the state-of-the-art nursing homes which set the pace for modern nursing homes today. It is managed by a group of seasoned, senior healthcare professionals. Nu Vista Living is run by the following four people:

  • Elizabeth Marie Fago
  • William A Meyer
  • Steven A Tendrich
  • Paul M Walczak

Each of the above persons has decades of experience in management of healthcare facilities, and come highly recommended.

NuVista Living is a facility where every comfort and support is extended for pre and post surgery patients, with five-star treatment, aimed at the full recovery of the patient as soon as possible. Facilities provide include physiotherapy, wellness, neurological and orthopedic care, and specialized respiratory programs. The nursing home has a 120 bed capacity, and concierge services and transportation are also available. There are 16 private rooms and 52 semi-private ones with a 50-bed sub-acute and rehab health services unit. NuVista Living is a nursing home designed to pamper the patient during their recovery process in full 5-star luxury.

Tel: 813-751-0557

Yelp rating: 4 stars

Facebook rating: 4.3 stars

“My Mother had a massive heart attack and the staff at (Tampa) NuVista was remarkable! Not only did my Mom receive excellent rehab and care with a full recovery she was amazed at the high quality of the food that was offered to her. She said it was like dining at a 5 Star Resort with three meals a day. Thank you NuVista Living for taking care of my Mom and allowing her to recover and return to Illinois. Our family will forever be grateful.” – Jana McElwee Johnson

 University Village

University Village is located on North 22nd Street, Tampa. It is an entire complex of apartments and separate, independent units, where elderly people can live according to their own chosen level of independence, more or less on their own terms. The services offered are according to specific requirements of inmates. There is short-term rehabilitation available for those who are recovering from an injury or surgery, and need to be nursed back to return to normal life. Then, there is the assisted living program for long-term patients. Specialized nursing care and memory care is also provided by highly-skilled, experienced and well-qualified staff.

There is a swimming pool, gymnasium and auditorium. Another good feature of this nursing home is that pets are allowed. According to inmates and visitors, the food is good, and the place is clean and well-maintained.

Tel: 813-975-5000 rating: 4.3 stars

“When I went to visit my grate grandmother the place was very clean. I have visited nursing homes before and this one did not have that odd nursing home smell. The facilities were very well lit, the halls were free from clutter and the floors were freshly moped. Going into my grate grandmother’s room I noticed that the room was very spacious. There was enough space for a nice sized patient to walk around without bumping into things. The staff was very friendly and quickly updated me on how my grate grandmother was doing. This was an impromptu visit yet still I found a lack of the scurrying that happens when one arrives at some other facilities unannounced. On her bed was fresh lining and she had on fresh, unsoiled clothes. Her nurse was able to answer all of our questions quickly and she showed a real concern for my grate grand mother’s well being. Overall I am very well pleased.” – Kyla227 (online name)

The Home Association

Located on East 22nd Avenue, The Home Association is also a National Historic Registry Landmark, originally built in 1924. It is classified as a not-for-profit Senior Skilled Nursing Facility.  The Home Association was actually founded in 1899 as a result of three elderly women who were travelling and got stranded during a yellow fever scare, and resulted in the actual building being built much later in 1924.

The Home Association is a 24/7 nursing home and rehabilitation center, providing extended care to those with disabilities and it also has a specialized elder care program. It is also useful for patients recovering from surgery. If you are looking for a modest-sized facility, this nursing home fits the bill with just 96 beds. Medicare and Medicaid are accepted, and counseling services are also available. The Home Association is classified as a Skilled Nursing Facility.

Tel: 813-229-6901

Healthgrove rating: 68% rating: 3 stars

“The first thing I noticed when I pulled up to the Home Association that there was plenty of parking for visitors and staff. I also noticed that the building is listed as an Historical Landmark built in 1899. I loved the porch on both floors where residents and visitors can sit and rock and just relax. When entering the building I noticed that the majority of residents all seemed to be happy. There was ample staff and they all were friendly and helpful. There is a very large dinning room with plenty of windows so the residents can see outside as they eat their meals. Also the meals appeared to be very healthy looking and the residents enjoyed their food. They majority of rooms were semi-private and ample space for the residents.” – Virtual Reader (online name)

Carrollwood Care Center

This nursing home is situated on Hutchinson Road, Tampa, and is 20 years old. With 120 beds and an average occupancy rate of 98%, the Carrollwood Care Center is quite a happening place. Services offered are post acute care, long term care, pain management, speech and physical therapy, and dietary services. All this is backed up by skilled nursing services. The food is rated as better than average, and according to surveys taken out on this nursing home, and the nursing staff is well-qualified.

Tel: 813-960-1969 rating: 4.4 stars

Yelp rating: 4.5 stars

“Mom fell, and she’s in a nursing home now. It’s Carrollwood Care Center. This was also a long-term care facility. We looked at 2 or 3 different ones, and I like that one. The staff is really good. They treat her well. Most of them seem to be very helpful. They have plenty of staff members there. The place is clean. I can’t say that the food is great, but it’s not bad. She shares a room. It’s pretty nice, and it’s adequate.”  – Seasca (online name)

Mariner Health

Situated on W Gandy Boulevard, this nursing home claims to be”committed to providing compassionate and comprehensive care in a pleasant, comfortable environment.” According to reviews of those who have visited Mariner Health, they seem to have achieved that. This nursing home is well-established, as it is part of a chain of nursing homes spread all over California. The services offered here are:

  • Skilled nursing
  • Rehabilitation
  • Social services
  • Activity programs (onsite and offsite)
  • Nutritional care
  • Long term care
  • Private or shared accommodation is available, and an added advantage is that pets are allowed on the premises.

Tel: (813) 261-5500 rating: 3 stars

“The first thing I noticed with this facility was there was ample parking, beautiful grounds and a large patio and walkway with sitting area outside for the residents and visitors. When I went inside I noticed the downstairs had beautiful furnishings, a large activity room, large exercise room and roomy hallways… I was able to view their lunch and it did look quite good and very nutritious. The staff was very friendly and quite a few staff members on duty at the time of my visit… I did however notice that there were quite a few call lights blinking unanswered for quite a while. I went back down to the activities center and noticed the facility offers activities every day with a variety of things to do, there is a library and the facility offers transportation for doctor’s appointments, etc.” – Anonymous visitor

Excel Rehabilitation And Health Center

The Excel Rehabilitation and Health Center declares that they are committed to making their residents “maximize their potential and live their lives to the fullest.” This nursing home is located on Campus Hill Drive, Tampa. The nursing home has a capacity of 120 beds, with 88% occupancy. An additional feature of the Excel Rehabilitation and Health Center is that Creole, Filipino, German, Italian, Polish, Spanish are also spoken by certain members of the staff, which can be useful for non-English speaking residents.

Tel: 813-972-9700 rating: 3.2 stars

Healthgrove .com rating: 50%

“Excel Rehab is a newer facility and has very nice rooms. They had both private and shared rooms and the private rooms are spacious. The staff was very nice and knowledgeable about the patients’ needs. The food was good. “

Palm Garden Of Tampa

This nursing home is located at E 138th Avenue, Tampa. The Palm Garden of Tampa offers various services such as rehabilitation, outpatient therapy, memory care as well as programs which involve the families of residents, all backed up by skilled and qualified nurses. Even when the family members are back at home, a channel of communication is established, to keep them informed about the status of their relative. The facility has 120 beds and an average occupancy of 88%. According to surveys done,  the level of attention by nurses and health inspections were satisfactory, although quality measures need to be worked on and there have been 2 fire and safety violations in two inspections held in 2012 and 2013.

Tel: 813-972-8775

Yelp rating: 5 stars rating: 2.9 stars

“Palm Garden smells good. The staff is very friendly. The rooms are very clean. They do have quite a few activities. They have rehab, they have something for memory, they have social like bingo and bible study, and there are all kinds of activities in the afternoon. My husband is in there right now. He is in a shared room, and it is clean. I eat lunch with my husband every day, and it is very good. The dining room is nice. It is like a restaurant. They ask you what you want, and they serve you. I am satisfied with the care. I have looked at other places, but this the best.” – formerresidentsfamily (online name)

Brighton Gardens of Tampa

Located conveniently in North Tampa on the North Dale Mabry Highway, Brighton Gardens of Tampa is a nursing home of high repute in the Tampa Bay area. With a beauty shop, bistro, and country kitchen, and lots of places to hang around and socialize like the screened porch, walkways and benches, this nursing home is a haven for senior citizens who need to go into assisted, long-term care. It is especially suited for people with Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia. At Brighton Gardens, the focus is on making residents and their families comfortable. Pets are also allowed, and there is even an in-house pet care facility available.

Amenities Available:

  • Reminiscence therapy
  • Café/bistro with international cuisine and professional chef
  • Movie room
  • Piano & organ
  • Arts & crafts center
  • Barber shop
  • In-house beautician
  • Religious services – Catholic, Jewish and others
  • Wheelchair-accessible showers

Tel: 813-908-2333]

Yelp rating: 4 stars rating: 93%

“Unfortunately I recently had several occasions to visit a patient here. What a nice nursing home. It is very clean, well staffed and has little sitting areas all around. All the staff I had contact with was very professional, friendly and responsible.” – Kathy D, Tampa, Florida.

Adams House

Located on South Macdill Avenue, Tampa founded in 2009, this nursing is a specialized facility for patients who have memory issues as a result of conditions like Alzheimer’s. It is best defined as a memory care provide. The staff at Adams House is dedicated to helping patients in remembering to attend to daily activities llike grooming and toileting. Therefore, patients who are likely to wander around can also be admitted.  Adams House is small facility with just about 20 staff, but for a patient who needs a bit of peace and quiet and dedicated attention, this nursing home is quite suitable. The minimum age for admission to this nursing home is 55 years. Services offered are:

  • Diabetic care
  • Memory care
  • Incontinence care
  • Non-ambulatory care

In addition to basic facilities, there is also an in-house beautician, group activities like bingo, movies, exercise and art, as well as live entertainment. There is a covered patio for holding parties and get-togethers. Participation from residents’ families is also encouraged

Tel: (813) 835-5700

Healthgrove,com rating: 94%

“We cannot say enough positive things about the staff, facility, etc. Truly a great place where you feel like home and people still care. It is tough decision to place your parent in an ALF, but we have not regarded this decision for one second. Thank You!” – Lee Anderson.

At Home With Friends

With just 12 beds, this nursing home at West Platt Street, Tampa guarantees personalized attention to each resident. At Home With Friends was established in 2009, and is well-known for its homely treatment to all the residents. Although it is an apartment-style house, all required facilities like health services, beauty/barber shop, activities, music games, and so on are all provided. Regular cleaning and laundry services are available. Individual cable television and telephone connections for each room are also provided.

Tel: (855) 344-4048

Medicare rating: 88/100

Ageing rating: 4.8 stars

“At Home with Friends is a small facility which gives the staff and residents a chance for a closer relationship. The staff all seem to be long term and speak highly of the facility and love their jobs. This is very reassuring when placing a loved one there. You want people who will care for your loved one and give them the very best care. The facility was very flexible in they way they give care so that the residents feel like it truly is their home. Everything from late night snacks if a resident asks for it to allowing us to rearrange the furniture in our loved one’s room to make him feel more comfortable. Its the personal touch that makes this facility special. That is something that is far more difficult to deliver in larger facilities. I would gladly recommend At Home with Friends to anyone in need of a care facility.” – A Tampa Family

In conclusion, we can say that the Tampa Bay region has an exhaustively-long list of nursing homes. The main issue would be to identify a nursing home which suits individual needs which depend on the unique circumstances which surround each individual patient. This list of ten of the best and well-known nursing homes in the Tampa Bay Area should help to narrow down the search, somewhat, and make it easier to find a nursing home which is well suited to both the patient and their family.