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Know of a 60+ Manatee County community member that needs immediate assistance with their electricity bill?

By Jonathan Marsh

Hello, Fellow Community Members!

We just received information regarding the Manatee County Community Services Emergency Home Energy Assistance Program and wanted to quickly share with our community:

"Manatee County Community Services Emergency Home Energy Assistance Program has funds to be spent in the month of March.  We can assist any household in Manatee County that has at least one member aged 60+ with their electric bill if it is past due by at least one day, in final notice, turned off or if a deposit is owed.  The applicant will be the person 60+, however we do look at all members of the household to determine household size.  Households are allowed to be have annual gross income (earned or unearned) of up to 150% of the FPL.  We can assist with both Florida Power and Light and Peace River bills.  Those applying must provide picture id and social security cards for all household members (birth certificates are allowed in lieu of a picture id for minors) and proof of gross income.  Bank statements cannot be used so for Social Security benefits we must see something from the Social Security office.

We can see people up to March 31st.  If you know of anyone who can utilize this program please have them call:

(941) 749-3030 and state to the receptionist that they are calling for electric help."