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Retirement Planning Is More Than Financial

Hi, Fellow Community Members,

Throughout life, I am sure we have all had some experiences that have changed our lives.  Some of these experiences may have resulted in us abandoning or putting on hold plans that we may have had.  With that in mind, the purpose of my blog today is to shed some light on the importance of being proactive as it relates to your retirement planning, which involves your financial future as well as decisions that will affect your quality of life.

I came across an interesting article earlier this year that covers 30 questions to be answered to effectively create a retirement plan or to adjust a retirement plan in the future.  The infographic drives home the idea that seniors need to have “the talk” with family members and other loved ones now while they have the opportunity to ensure that their wishes are honored.  The article is at the following link:

I will cover 10 of the questions that resonated with me below but highly recommend that you review the entire infographic.

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Retirement Planning Is More Than Financial

Living at Home

1) "Can I get around comfortably and safely in my home, even if my health declines?"

When I look at this question, I immediately consider a couple items: a) home modifications and b) senior home care services or elderly care such as that of Home Helpers.  Home modifications such as installing grab bars or changing the doorknobs may allow you to live independently at home longer.  Read the Home Helpers blog post “Tips for Renovating a Home for Aging in Place” for more information and helpful tips.

In terms of senior in-home care services, have a look at Home Helpers blog post “Does My Loved One Need Help to Stay at Home?” for more information.

Staying Active & Staying Social

2) "Are there opportunities for me to stay active during the day?"

Where a person lives will contribute to the opportunities for an individual to stay active.  For example,  the Senior Enrichment Center at Renaissance on 9th has activities for seniors, from dance lessons to Tai Chi and much more.  I highly recommend them!

 3) "Do I have a network of friends in the area where I live?"

Staying active as mentioned above and having a social life contributes greatly to quality of life for seniors and limits loneliness and depression.

Managing Finances

4) "Am I able to pay important bills such as home and utility bills in a timely manner?"

We can certainly understand and appreciate how life can sometimes overwhelm us.  Keeping up with mail and bills certainly can be a challenge and, if help is hired, you want to safeguard yourself from fraud.  If this is a concern and you need trustworthy and professional assistance, look to Reba Rogers and her team providing senior services at Secure Aging.

5) "Does my family have access to all necessary assets such as property deeds, a will, legal documents, account information and safety deposit boxes?"

Family having access to assets such as those listed above can become very critical in certain circumstances such as one becoming incapacitated.  For more information and assistance with these types of documents, I personally recommend Shelly Steiner at Steiner Law Offices in Lakewood Ranch, FL.

Driving and Transportation

6) "Do I drive my car enough to justify the cost of ownership, compared to all the costs of getting rides from friends, public transportation or ride shares?"

When I see this question, I think of some of our clients that are no longer comfortable driving and depend on friends, family, caregivers and/or driving services for transportation.  Keep in mind that the availability of different types of transportation, travel time, etc. is largely a function of the area in which you live.

Living with Adult Children

7) "If I were living with grandchildren or great-grandchildren, what role would I have in helping to raise them?"

What is important is truly understanding what you want your role to be in these situations and having that discussion with your family.

8) "Would I be expected to contribute financially?"

This is important as this affects your financial situation and most individuals are living relatively longer than in the past.

9) "Would I need paid help at home?"

Planning for non-medical in-home care is especially important, especially considering that it is typically paid for by private pay, long-term care insurance, VA benefits, Medicaid, or other government sponsored programs.

Residential and Assisted Living

10) "As my health declines, would I be able to stay in a facility near home and family?"

In general, home care can be less costly than an assisted living facility largely because you can control the number of hours that a caregiver provides services.  However, as those hours increase, the cost can become higher and perhaps surpass those of an assisted living facility.

If you need assistance in the home, please reach out to Home Helpers.  If you need assistance with some of the topics discussed above or in the infographic, feel free to reach out to me.  If I do not know the answer, I will happily point you in the direction of a knowledgeable professional in the area whom I personally know and trust.

Yours truly,

Jonathan Marsh

Thanks for reading our blog.  At Home Helpers, we look to not only make life easier but to also make a difference in our clients’ lives.  It is truly an honor to have an opportunity to work with members of our community and we take the trust bestowed to us very seriously.

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