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Free In-Home Care for Veterans of All Ages | Intro to VA CCN

As part of our#HomeForTheHolidays campaign, we wanted to focus on Veterans who hold a special place in our hearts. We are proud to have been caring for veterans since opening in 2015, and initially contracted with the VA to provide care for veterans back in 2017.

This video talks about the VA Community Care Network (VA CCN), a program that can help Veterans receive FREE in-home care, yet many are unaware. Let’s help to change that so that Veterans of ANY age can get the care they deserve when they need it.

VA CCN was established by the VA MISSION Act in 2019. Learn how veterans can receive personalized in-home care, including homemaker, home health aide, and respite services.

To all Veterans: Thank You for Your Service! Home Helpers Home Care of Bradenton appreciates the service of veterans and aims to spread awareness about the care they rightfully deserve.

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🤝 We're Here for You: Home Helpers Home Care of Bradenton is committed to serving veterans, listed as 'Home Helpers and Direct Link 58803.' We hold the NPI 1225417231 and license number 299994455. Your care is our honor!


[Jonathan] Are you a veteran or do you know of a veteran of any age who is in need of free quality in-home care? In this video, I'm going to talk to you about a program that is in place to help veterans of all ages. Yet many veterans are not aware of it. This program can provide in-home care for any veterans, regardless of whether they have a service-connected or non-service-connected disability. Please help us at Home Helpers as we try to spread the word about these essential in-home care services so that veterans do not miss out on the care that they deserve. Are you ready to learn more? Let's go.

My name is Jonathan Marsh, the owner of Home Helpers Home Care of Bradenton. And we are proud to serve veterans as part of a distinguished group of providers across the United States through the VA Community Care Network.

The VA Community Care Network, or VA CCN, is a nationwide initiative designed to provide eligible veterans with high-quality healthcare services outside the VA healthcare system. Unfortunately, it's a program that's often underutilized, with many veterans unaware of the valuable resources it offers. Established by the VA Mission Act on June six, 2019, the Veterans Community Care Program, or VCCP, authorizes care for eligible veterans to receive services in the community through the VA Community Care Network. So the VA CCN is a vast network of healthcare providers, including doctors, hospitals, and other professionals. This network collaborates with the Department of Veterans Affairs to ensure that veterans receive high-quality, timely, and accessible healthcare services. And in the realm of home care, the VA does not directly offer in-home care services. Instead, they authorize community providers like Home Helpers Home Care of Bradenton to deliver these essential services directly to veterans in their homes, ensuring personalized care and support.

As part of VA CCN, these in-home care services are referred to as homemaker, home health aide, and respite services. To receive these valuable in-home care services, veterans must be enrolled in the VA Health Care System and have been evaluated by the VA to determine their in-home care needs. The number of hours a veteran is awarded is solely based on need and not on financial standing. Veterans are assigned between 6 to 20 hours of care per week, but there's no maximum limit. In some cases, the VA may even authorize care for 24 hours a day to ensure that the veteran is properly taken care of.

Through the VA CCN Program, veterans have the freedom to choose the agency that provides in-home care as long as the agency is credentialed. This benefit can also be combined with another VA benefit called Aid and Attendance so that the veteran can receive even more care. It's important to note that in-home care services received through VA CCN are entirely separate from the Aid and Attendance Benefit. The VA reimburses the VA CCN provider directly for services received through CCN, whereas Aid and Attendance has different criteria, including the veteran's financial situation. Aid and Attendance provides direct financial assistance to the veteran or surviving spouse to be used towards in-home care, assisted living, or skilled nursing. Veterans can be eligible for both in-home care services through the VA CCN and eligible for the VA Aid and Attendance Pension Benefit.

Home Helpers Home Care of Bradenton is a VA CCN provider credentialed to provide in-home care services in Manatee County, Florida. If you're not in the Manatee County area, there are credentialed providers all across the United States. On our website, we've included a link to a page on the VA website where you can search for network VA CCN providers nationwide. To learn more, speak to a member of our team at (941)-999-1960 or visit our website at to download our free e-book and find other detailed information about the VA Community Care Network.

Simply navigate to Services Specialized Care, VA Community Care Network. We are committed to serving veterans in Manatee County, Florida. If you're a veteran in need of in-home care services, we would be honored to serve you as your in-home care provider. We've been servicing veterans in Manatee County since 2017, before the inception of the vaccine program, when there was another program that VA has now replaced with the VA CCN program. We are listed as Home Helpers and Direct Link 58803. Our national provider identifier is 1225417231, and our license number is 299994455.

Thank you so much for watching this video. Be sure to check out more videos in our VA CCN series, where we will delve into eligibility criteria and how to get started with VA CCN in-home care services. If you found this video helpful, please click the subscribe button and share it with veterans who may be in need of in-home care services. Thank you again and take care.


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