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Mental Wellness Month: Empowerment to Help Clients & Caregivers at Home

New Year, New Focus: Check in on yourself, Check in on others

This January, as we embark on a fresh year, our hearts turn towards a theme that truly matters—Mental Wellness. Mental Awareness Month serves as a gentle reminder to focus on our mental wellness and that of those around us. Stay tuned for valuable insights and tips on promoting mental wellness and self-care throughout January.

Jonathan's ask of you this month:

* Let's check in on others and perform small acts of kindness. Holding a door, giving a compliment, or paying kindness forward not only impacts others positively but also boosts your mental health.

* Take a moment to check in on yourself. How are you doing? Do those things that are going to make YOU a better YOU. Prioritize your mental health by reducing stress, finding happiness, and improving your relationships. Focus on self-care by spending time with loved ones, being grateful, and planning activities that bring joy.

At Home Helpers, we recognize the challenges faced by family caregivers. Our caregiver services are designed to provide the respite and breaks they need for relaxation and recharge, allowing them to prioritize their mental health.

This January, let's make a collective effort to focus on mental wellness. Let's raise awareness and offer support to others. Remember, you are not alone. It's okay to ask for help. Most importantly, take care of yourself, allowing the best version of you to shine.

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[Jonathan] This January, as we start the 2024 year, we turn our focus to mental wellness, an extremely important topic. Mental Wellness Awareness Month serves as a gentle reminder for us all to focus on our own mental wellness as well as the mental wellness of those around us. So stay tuned this month as we share tips and insights on promoting mental wellness and self-care.

And this month, I’m going to ask you to check in on others around you and make sure that they are okay. And be sure to do those small acts of kindness, like holding the door open for someone or giving someone a compliment or paying someone else’s kindness forward because those simple acts are going to have a positive impact on others and they’re going to boost your mental health as well.

Also this month, I’m going to ask you to check in on yourself. Are you doing okay? Do you need someone to talk to you? Make sure that you’re taking great care of your mental health and do those things that are going to make you better. You focus on reducing your stress, being happier, and improving the quality of your relationships. You can do this easily by focusing more on self-care, spending more time with your loved ones, being grateful for what you have in life, and doing those fun things that you love, such as your hobbies.

And later this month, we’ll show you how you can participate in our “Letters of Love” campaign, where you can help us with a very simple act of kindness that will put a smile on the face of an elderly person, a veteran, or a health care worker.

We’ll also show our support for a local organization that has a program to support the mental health of local veterans. As it relates to caregiving at-home helpers, we understand the concept of caregiver burden stress in the vital role of self-care for family caregivers. Our caregiver services are designed to provide the best fit and breaks that family caregivers need to relax and recharge.

On the screen, we have some stats here that we found on the Caregiver Action Network website, and I’ll just highlight one of them. 40% to 70% of family caregivers exhibit clinically significant symptoms of depression, with a quarter to half meeting the diagnostic criteria for major depression. So these statistics underscore the challenges faced by caregivers in the pressing need for self-care and support.

So this January, let’s take the time to focus on our own mental wellness and that of those around us. And remember, you are not alone. It’s okay to ask for help. And most importantly, take care of yourself so that you can be the best version of yourself. Take care everyone, and I’ll see you soon.


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