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Healthy Eating Habits: How Seniors Can Defend Against COVID-19

The weather is warm and perfect for outdoor exercise, but have you thought about pairing it with a healthy diet? Paired with exercise, a smart diet is always important for an overall healthy lifestyle. Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, taking steps to improve overall mental and physical health has become essential. While this may seem like a large undertaking, just making a few small changes to diet can aid in a strengthened immune system.

Change is Good

Most people assume that healthy foods are bland or difficult to prepare. However, with internet recipes and cookbooks, food preparation can be an easy and fun way to explore new foods. Think about substituting a few ingredients in the dishes you prepare or making a new side dish. Fresh foods can be interesting to cook and stimulate the appetite. Think of it as a taste adventure, with the advantage of protecting your overall health.

Some Ideas to Get Started

Meal preparation can feel like drudgery when you cook alone. Get family members involved in cooking through the COVID-19 crisis. Studies also show that eating with someone else is an emotional benefit, and people enjoy trying a wide variety of foods with others. Try to reduce processed food from your diet. It’s fine to have some canned and frozen foods, but fresh foods offer the best nutrition and guard against disease.

Also, remember to stock up on healthy snacks. Most grocery stores have designated aisles and produce areas where they stock nutritious foods. These are perfect in a hunger pinch between meals. You can also check out local food cooperatives and farmer’s markets. Caregivers can assist with grocery lists and preparation of meals. Make the outing to pick up groceries fun and enjoyable together. Caregivers and clients from different ethnic backgrounds can offer a unique way to try new foods together.

The Alkaline Advantage

Improving the alkalinity in your diet boosts your immune system. This helps fight disease and illness, which is especially important in protecting against viruses, like COVID-19. Here are some alkaline rich foods to add to your list for your next trip to the store:

1. Leafy green vegetables: kale, spinach, arugula, parsley, mustard greens, seaweed

2. Nuts: cashews, almonds and chestnuts

3. Spices: ginger, garlic, sea salt

4. Fruits: citrus and seasonal

5. Root vegetables: sweet potatoes, beets and carrots

Alkaline diets also strengthen bones, reduce inflammation and help fight fatigue. These are definite foods seniors should include in their daily diet.

Help is on the Way

If you need assistance with meals or nutritional plans, Home Helpers of Drexel Hill can assist with caregivers for list making, shopping, and preparation. They can provide the caring support you need to live your best, healthy life. You can learn more today by calling (484) 730-2201.