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Tips for Maintaining a Healthy Senior Mind

As time passes, you want to keep mental acuity as sharp as possible, whether for yourself or for your loved one for whom you are a caregiver. Supporting healthy cognitive function is invaluable to pursuing fulfillment and satisfaction, and there are ways to do it.


Over time, scientific research continues to demonstrate the critical need people have for a wide variety of micronutrients, including vitamins and minerals, if they wish to maintain strong mental, physical, and emotional health. As macronutrients go, getting adequate protein and healthy fats, such as omega-3 fatty acids, is essential for supporting mind and body as well.

As you or your loved one ages, make it a priority to eat quality, nutrient-dense foods. Appetites can wane in senior citizens, so it becomes more important than ever to avoid foods with minimal nutritional value as they will only serve to displace more beneficial sustenance.


Staying active can provide a range of benefits. Mild to moderate aerobic exercise, such as walking, improves circulation which in turn helps the body rid itself of things such as toxins, excess sugars, and stress hormones. Getting outdoors in the sunshine regularly as part of your or your loved one’s activity can also provide much-needed vitamin D. This is also critical to a variety of bodily functions including enhancing good moods.

Intellectual Stimulation

Mental exercise is as valuable for cognitive function as physical exercise is for the body. Playing games and reading books that provide cerebral challenge for you or your loved one can help keep the neural pathways alive and firing. Seek a range of games featuring a variety of mental tasks, such as memory, cognitive reflex speed, analysis, logical reasoning, and so on.


Having a sense of purpose in life can vitalize a body and mind. Adopting a pet, volunteering or picking up a new hobby can each challenge the mind in its own way. Keep trying new things until you find a direction that is motivating, breathing new life into yourself or your loved one.

You may reach a point when you find you need a skilled professional caregiver for yourself or a loved one in order to continue maintaining good physical and mental health. Home Helpers of Drexel Hill is up to the task. You and your loved ones deserve the best, and we take pride in the exceptional in-home care we offer to the families we serve.

When you’re looking for the support of caring professionals for yourself or your loved one, contact us for a free in-home assessment. We look forward to addressing your concerns and forming an individualized care plan that is distinct and tailored to each client.