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Talking To Your Senior Family Members About In-home Caregivers

Discussing home care for seniors in your life can be the hardest step when the time arises and the need becomes apparent. The idea of losing your independence can be frightening, but introducing home care before it's too late can help seniors retain more of their independence. Here are some tips to approach the topic with a senior in your life.

Start Early

You may notice small changes that indicate a caregiver is necessary, but you may also want to avoid the topic. Trying to introduce care in a crisis situation can be more difficult. Start by talking to your loved one about their own difficulties with performing activities of daily living. Instead of suggesting a caregiver right away, ask your senior about their options where some additional help could be beneficial.

Choose a Calm Time To Talk About Caregivers

Don’t try to discuss caregiving when life is chaotic, like when you’re trying to get dinner on the table or when you’ve got to leave right away. Choose a relaxed time to talk about it. You may even want to try talking about it when you’re in a more neutral location. Take mom or dad for a walk in the park or go to a coffee shop.

Make Note of the Positives

Keep the discussion about a caregiver positive by providing the benefits of having an in-home aide. Help can start with minimal assistance and increase as needed. If your loved one’s health decreases and needs additional care, the caregiver is already familiar with the routine. It will be easier to adjust to extra care since there is familiarity in the home.

Keep Trying

Many seniors are resistant to ask for help. You may need to table the idea for a few days while everyone thinks about the situation. Sometimes a gentle approach can put the idea of a caregiver in your senior’s mind without pressure. Giving them time to think about the alternatives can help open the door to another discussion.

Let Your Loved One Help Make Care Decisions

Seniors should be involved in their own caregiving decisions. You may have to really listen to find out their real concerns and objections to help overcome any hesitation for care. As long as their safety isn’t at risk, take some time to listen and find out what they want and need. Establish goals together.

Find a Professional Caregiver

Contact Home Helpers of Drexel Hill to find a caregiver to help you take care of a loved one. Give your senior the comfort of home with peace of mind.