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How to Manage Your Caregiving Tasks

By Denise Roskamp, MD

Elder Care in Wayland, MA

If you're feeling overwhelmed with the sheer amount of tasks you have to perform as a family caregiver, it's time to give your managing style an overhaul. These tips can help you to get your task list under control. 

Make a List and Prioritize It 

Make yourself a master list of all the caregiving tasks you need done on a regular basis. Once you have the list as complete as possible, start prioritizing it. The tasks that absolutely must be done are the highest priority, the tasks that are nice to have done but not essential at all are the lowest priority, and the rest fall somewhere in the middle. Use symbols to help you prioritize. You can go with ABC priority labels or even 123, whatever works for you. Put a star next to anything that someone else can help you with. 

Bring in Helpers 

elder care in wayland maNow you bring in your helpers. These can be folks who come in regularly, either daily or weekly, to help you with tasks. Those helpers might be other family members, friends, or even elder care providers. Go to your list and pull out the starred items and start delegating. Then you can get to work on the essential tasks and work your way down the priority list. 

Use Reminders and Alarms 

Reminders and alarms are a really helpful way to keep you on task and keep you from spending more time than you have doing one thing or another. You can use your phone, but a simple egg timer or even the timer on the stove can work in a pinch, too. The timer helps you to stay mindful about what you're doing and where your time is going. 

Use a Calendar 

For longer term planning, you can't beat a simple calendar. You might want one that is a planner or personal organizer that you can carry around with you or you might just want a big monthly calendar on the refrigerator. If you need a combination of all of those, that works, too. Just find a system that you can work with and that helps you to feel more organized. 

Don't Put Tasks Off 

Procrastination is a tremendous source of stress. The less you procrastinate, the more peaceful your day can be. If it's a task you're dreading, try delegating it or figure out a way to have it completed some other way. Regardless, it's probably not nearly as bad as you fear and probably takes only a few minutes compared to how long you can worry about it when you're procrastinating. 

Managing your tasks more effectively makes you a more effective caregiver for your loved one.

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