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Tips for Preparing Your Parent for a Doctor's Appointment

By Denise Roskamp

Home Care in Sudbury MA

Doctor's appointments are a reality of life for most aging adults. Most older adults deal with several different types of health concerns and issues as they age, possibly requiring attention from various different doctors and medical teams. Whether it is a basic checkup to make sure that your aging parent is staying healthy, or a more extensive appointment to treat and manage a health concern, it is important that your parent is prepared for the appointment. Being prepared for their doctor's appointment can help your parent to feel calmer, more in control, and better prepared to make the most out of their appointment.

Use these tips to help prepare your parent for a doctor's appointment:

  • Talk about the issue. Make sure that your parent understands why they are going to the doctor. If they think that they are going because something is wrong when it is just a checkup, they may experience anxiety and upset that could diminish their mental and emotional health. Likewise, if the appointment is actually for a medical condition but they think it is just a checkup they may not be prepared to discuss the issue and feel blindsided by the experience.
  • Express importance of honesty. Your aging parent might not be comfortable talking about the medical conditions that they are facing. They might be embarrassed by it, or they might feel as though they are complaining or being a "burden" if they talk too much about it. Talk to your parent about the importance of giving the doctor all of the details that they need in order to fully understand the situation. Let them know that the only way that the doctor will be able to give your parent the care that they need is if they have all of the information that is necessary to understand and treat them.
  • Make them comfortable. Help your parent go through the personal care tasks that they need to help them feel more comfortable going to the doctor. This might be bathing thoroughly, styling their hair, or wearing a special outfit. Whatever will make your parent feel more confident and prepared for the experience, help them do it so that they can make the most out of their visit. This will put them at ease and make them more willing to cooperate with the care at the appointment.

A home care provider can be a valuable source of assistance when your parent needs to go to various doctor's appointments but your schedule does not permit you to attend all of the appointments with them. This in home senior care services provider can provide reliable and safe transportation so that your parent gets to their appointment on time and has a source of support and assistance during the appointment itself. This can mean providing physical support to manage mobility issues, helping your parent to communicate more effectively with the people at the office, or even recording information that they get from the doctor so that they can share it with you later.