When you’re in the business of helping people, one of the best feelings is receiving positive feedback from the clients and families you serve. We view it as a privilege to provide in-home care for seniors and others needing help to live independently at home.

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Take a look at what our clients are saying about our caregivers!

★★★★★  "They have been polite and helpful to me. When I have called them I have been treated very nicely. I am very happy with them. She is friendly and kind." -Ruth R. 03/19/2020

★★★★★  "The people are reliable and knowledgeable. They anticipate my needs well. They know ahead of time what needs to be done for me to do my tasks." -Ronald L. 02/13/2020

★★★★★  "They help us the most by making sure that my mom is safe by monitoring her. I like that they are helpful and communicate well with us. They do well at dealing with my mother’s dementia." -Eli D. 01/20/2020

★★★★★  "The caregivers help me with my daily routine. They clean me and we go on walks. They have made my life easier by identifying my needs. " -Nazanin K. 12/9/2019

★★★★★  "They help with changing, feeding, bathing, cooking, and doctor appointments. I can depend on the services." -A 11/19/2019

★★★★★  "The quality of our caregivers is top notch. They’re patient, even though my mother isn’t easy to work with. They do a whole range of things. They keep my mother company, make sure that she’s eating well, and make sure that she gets her medication. They also help my mother with changing and using the bathroom. The caregiver walks around with my mother, which helps because my mother can be isolated" -Deborah P. 10/23/2019

★★★★★  "I liked them helping out with some of the household chores. They gave me relief so that I wasn’t on the job 24/7. They were very efficient, responsive, and we never had a problem with billing or things like that. They were very happy to talk with her and hold her hand. Sometimes she just needed communication. Some were better than others" -David B. 9/27/2019

★★★★★  "I like that I have a really good caregiver. They are very efficient in helping me do the things that I need. She is able to help me with the housekeeping, shopping, and even helps me bring the groceries in. I do not know what I would do without her, because she drives me around in her car" -Ruth R. 8/27/2019

★★★★★  "They are very kind and helpful. The most helpful part has been just knowing that their helper will be there to help them if they need it. They show kindness and care. I appreciate that they are always happy to help." -Sheryl A. 7/12/2019

★★★★★  "I like their responsiveness and the quality of the caregivers. I knew they would be quickly responsive to our needs and have high-quality caregivers. They help the most through doing their job and doing it well. The caregivers do well at providing personal care. I appreciate that they are mindful of their role. Their skills are high quality" -Mallory K. 6/21/2019

★★★★★  "My caregiver was wonderful. She was great with my husband. She would help him shave. She helps me by vacuuming my house.-Joyce S. 5/14/2019

★★★★★  " Home helpers really saved me when I was at my lowest point trying to provide care for my elderly father who had a difficult time ambulating after a fall. In the early hours of the morning after the second sleepless night, I found home helpers online. Ketan, the founder of the company PERSONALLY spoke to me and LISTENED. His gentle voice, calming. Within 2 hours, I had someone at my door ready to be kind, compassionate, and helpful. The helper Inez was patient, gentle, caring and strong. She helped my dad ambulate and groom himself. Inez cared a lot about my dad’s hygiene details and always had a smile on her face. In this day and age, I feel like finding home helpers has been nothing short of a miracle. As a physician, I know what compassion looks like. I know what quality is. Home helpers embody these qualities. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for treating my loved one as you would yours." -Marjan 3/26/2019

★★★★★  "I like my Home Helper that comes because we work well together. It’s making a big difference. They help the most by getting my loved one to daycare. The office staff calls me reminds of any changes. I appreciate that they work well with my loved one and that they aren’t pushy." -Anonymous 2/21/2019

★★★★★  "They are very communicative and flexible. They work hard to meet the needs of the clients. They make life easier by providing care for my mother. They do some cooking and transportation, but mostly, they do whatever she wants help with that day. They show compassion by being patient and accepting." -Eli D. 12/13/2018

★★★★★  "They have very good and nice services. Carmerin is a very good worker. We don’t have to tell her what to do because she already knows what to do.  It’s not only a job or work she has to do, we can trust her and are comfortable with her. She is good company and a good home care person. The caregiver is very good, and we like her a lot. I don’t have to worry about it, and if I have to go somewhere I know my husband will be taken good care of." -Ophelia V. 11/09/2018

★★★★★  "The services have made a big change for me and have had a great impact on my life. The caregiver is really awesome. She helps with my care with my hair, my pets, and the cooking. She helps me with keeping the house clean. Other caregivers do the minimum, but this one does 100%. The caregiver seems to know when I need someone to listen to me, and she is very caring. She is just wonderful." -Marty L. 11/28/2018

★★★★★  "They are very helpful. They take him for a walk, make lunch, and will take him for a haircut and talk with him. They are very upbeat and talkative to my husband. It is just very good. They talk to him, take him to lunch, and are just really good with him. They communicate with my husband very well and he really likes them." -Joyce S. 10/11/18

★★★★★  "The caregivers are on time, they do their job, and they understand the process. The caregivers give us good individual feedback on how things are going throughout the day. You can tell in their voice that the office staff cares about what he is doing and are compassionate about it. They do a great job with it. They are always responsible when we have an issue." -Anne D. 09/20/18

★★★★★  " Everything is up front. They are not hiding everything. They first showed me their bond, and that put me at ease. They have saved my life and my sanity. They help with cooking, cleaning, and just being here and talking to them. They are helping the whole family by giving us a break. Everything gets done in a timely fashion. Whether that is starting the washing machine, or just talking. My caregiver does it all well. She gets him up out of bed, prepares meals, and cleans the house. I talk with her about things I need from the store. The communication part is the best. She shows it by the soft way she handles my parents. When they get a little upset, she will sit down and listen to them, and then go on to her next task. This was all new for my family, and so they decided to come and meet my mother. A couple of people from the staff showed up, and that showed a good representation of the company." -Howard F. 08/27/18

★★★★★  " The owner is very responsive and flexible. He is good at communication. They take care of my mom. She likes some caregivers better than others. The owner finds caregivers that work with my mom. They are responsive to her since she can be hard to communicate with. The owner is responsive and we are able to get what we want." -Valeria D. 06/13/18

★★★★★  "The service has been really good. So far, we’ve had three assistants here and two out of the three have been wonderful. It has been really helpful because we have a reliable and kind helper assisting. Being reliable has been very great. Sandra is our new caregiver. It’s only her second day and she is wonderful. She’s punctual and responsible. She’s perfect and here when we need her. She’s been good at everything we’ve asked her to do and she’s doing a really good job for us. She’s a really nice person and she’s willing. She’s a really good match." -Quinn Y. 05/23/18

★★★★★  "I had to put together a portable closet, and the caregiver just kept working on it, never gave up, and never complained. They are helping me get some of my stuff put away and more organized. The caregiver, Carmen, comes in and will immediately offer to help with certain tasks. I had a doctors appointment at Stanford, and she made sure to check that I had everything that I needed. She does my dishes, makes the bed, she will clean the bathroom, and I asked her to polish my piano. She makes sure that I am all right, and she makes it clear that she is here to help me. She is very patient, has a nice sense of humor, works really well, she never complains, and she is just a great individual." -Lynette T. 05/11/18

★★★★★  "The caregiver is very sweet. They are here when I need someone to take care of my parents, and they are very flexible. They have been flexible and available to me." -Judy B. 03/15/18

★★★★★ "Between my father’s passing and the loneliness my mother was left with, we went through a number of caregiver agencies. They were all very similar in their practice, caregivers, personal attention, and cost. But then Home Helpers stood out from the others in very dramatic contrast. From my very first contact with Ketan, he has been there to support us without fail and always with genuine concern for my mother’s well being. I have waited a few months to leave a review, wondering if perhaps the honeymoon would end and the personal attention We were getting from Ketan and his staff would wane like the other agencies. Happy to say, it has not. In the first week, my mother had an overnight stay in the hospital and was very worried about how she would get home and who would be there for her. I contacted Ketan and he assured me he would have someone pick her up, take her home and stay with her as long as she needed. Well, that person ended up being Ketan and true to his word he stayed with her and asked to play cards with her. Since the beginning he has gone out of his way to accommodate the shifting and sometimes challenging needs of my mom, even the difficult Christmas holiday. I honestly cannot say enough good things about Ketan." - Jeff N. 2/3/2018

★★★★★ "Great company. Compassionate caregivers. Professional and caring. Will recommend."-  Robert J. 01/28/2018

★★★★★ "You will have the peace of mind that your help will be there. Ketan is very reliable and personally will see to it that you have uninterrupted help when you need it." Taraneh F 12/15/2017

★★★★★ "I would say that Home Helpers’ administration is excellent. They are very attentive and responsive. Home Helpers handles things and if there is something that comes up that needs input, they call me to get that input from me." Eli D 12/09/2017

★★★★★ "Amazing customer service, and hands-on attention.  My dad was well cared for by caring and reliable staff members and the owner Ketan was compassionate and went above and beyond."-Naomi Y. 11/20/2017

★★★★★ "I would be likely to recommend Home Helpers because someone in the office was really helpful, he gave me good advice and made sure things were set up exactly the way they were supposed to be for me. These services had a significant impact on my life because I needed this to recover from my illness. The caregivers drove me to and from my care, and they stayed after to make sure I was okay. I would not be able to recover as well without the services from Home Helpers." - Kim L. 8/29/2017

★★★★★ "I would tell a friend that Home Helpers has provided a human element for me. The caregiver from Home Helpers takes me out to get my groceries and I appreciate that she is able to take her little truck and bring home plants for me."-  Grace N. 07/18/2017

★★★★★ "Toa was an angel we are very pleased with how she was here for my mother, she was wonderful, she read to my mother, she sang to my mother. It was just beautiful and she was here when my mother left this earth 5:35 and arrived in Heaven 5:36. You have a fabulous team and should be very proud of them. I know I am." - David P. 5/27/2017

★★★★★ "I appreciate you and your company’s caring about my mom’s well being - you were a comfort right from the moment we met at The Terraces.  And thank you for the orchid you gave my mom. Orchids are her favorites.  My dad gave her one on their wedding day, so they are always special to her." - Sharon W. 5/13/2017

★★★★★ "The owners of Home Helpers are responsive and organized. They try to match the client’s needs with the staff. They have provided good caregivers and accompanied the caregivers on their first day." - Anonymous 04/17/2017

★★★★★ "The service from Home Helpers gives my mom independence. Home Helpers takes her to the grocery store and helps her get out. Home Helpers is reliable and if you give them 24 hours notice, they will change the schedule for you, and they will give you 24 hours notice if they need to change the schedule for you. The office staff from Home Helpers communicates with email, phone, and text. It’s very nice" - Pat O. 03/15/2017

★★★★★ "Home Helpers makes my life easier through the flexibility they offer and how they can be here after one phone call. It makes my job easier knowing I can count on them. The caregivers care just by the way they greet everyone. I am always hearing that the caregivers care and are always caring and smiling."  -Carrie A. 01/20/2017

★★★★★ "Home Helpers provide care giving for my mother who has beginning stage dementia. This has been a difficult case for several reasons. Home Helpers has been flexible, communicative, helpful and has worked very hard to take good care of my mother in a constantly changing situation. My mom went through several other care agencies before we found Home Helpers. They are the best agency we have worked with." - Eli D.

★★★★★ "Home Helpers provides transportation to me. My caregivers wake me up and arrive on time. They are neat and clean. Home Helpers has impressed me because of their caregiver’s safe driving.  My caregivers even ask me if I want a drink when they see that I am thirsty." - Jeffery D.

★★★★★ "My caregivers are all willing to help with whatever I need and I am very comfortable with them." - Rita M.

★★★★★ "Thank you so much for the care you gave my mother. In allowed my family and me to get some much needed rest. I would recommend you to anyone. You are the best" - Carol A.

★★★★★  "I appreciate their fast response and that they’re always there when I need them. The caregiver was very professional, and they all take their job very seriously. I recommend people to Home Helpers of Santa Clara Valley". - Judy J.

★★★★★ "Very helpful.Your caregivers are very attentive and do their job well. I urgently needed care, Home Helpers came to home same evening to perform in-home assessment and caregiver started next morning. Caregiver was extremely helpful and attentive to me and my wife who has dementia. Thank you" - Daniel S.

★★★★★ "Your caregivers are personally concerned - very caring, pleasant and reliable. Thats really something that is hard to find these days" - Mary S.

★★★★★ "Caregiver was just terrific, not just physical chores not with just physical chores, but they talk and are kind to her. Just watching what they do gives you a sense of their compassion." - Marsha G.

★★★★★ "Your company provided prompt & caring service to my mother and kept me informed regarding her care. We would recommend Home Helpers to anyone who needs assistance to remain in their homes while receiving help with activities of daily living, homemaking, shopping and transportation" - Cheryl B.