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Keeping Parents Safe at Home Without Huge Expense

By Susan Chiang

Much has been written about making sure grab bars are installed in places like the bathroom and taking up area rugs so they are not a trip hazard. These are important safety tips, yet experts have found that it is the little things like not being able to navigate steps or use kitchen utensils like a can opener that end up being the reason your loved one cannot live independently.
How can you ensure your parent’s safety? The best place to start is by observing your parent’s ability to perform simple tasks. The next step is to ask, “What do you need to be able to do in this house to live here comfortable?” Then be prepared to make those changes. And realize that making additions like grab bars and a shower seat is much less expensive than modifying an entire bathroom.
For more practice suggestion on how to make changes that keep your loved one safe at home, here is the full article: Keeping Parents Safe at Home Without Huge Expense.