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A Handy Guide to Selecting the Best Elderly Care Services

How do you know the best elderly care services for your mom? With so many services offered for older adults, what are the best options as she ages at home? Here's a guide to selecting the different home care options.

Go Over Your Mom's Strengths and Weaknesses

Go over your mom's strengths and weaknesses when it comes to daily activities. On days that her arthritis pain is prominent, she may not be able to easily walk up and down the stairs. If her laundry room is in the basement, you don't want her to risk a fall. She needs someone to do laundry for her.

Your mom loves to cook, but she has a hard time mincing vegetables. You could buy them already chopped or hire caregivers to help her in the kitchen.

She might be able to get a glass of water on her own, but she cannot remember when it's time to take her medications. That's another way elderly care aides can help.

Ask About Safety Assessments

See if your local elderly care agency offers safety assessments. A specialist can stop by your mom's house, look at possible safety issues, and make recommendations on what to do next. Things like grab bars in the bathrooms, lighting, loose or slippery flooring, and stair rails are all factors that impact your mom's safety.

As items are pointed out, make plans to fix them. You might need to hire caregivers to help your mom get in and out of the bathtub or help her as she walks up and down the stairs. If it keeps her safer, it's important to make arrangements.

Talk to Family Members Who Plan to Help Out

Your brothers and sisters like to help your mom with chores when they stop by. Your brothers can only stop by once a month. Your sisters are a mix of monthly and weekly visits.

As you build a list of things your mom needs to help her age at home, see where your siblings' visits fit in. If your sister stops by every Saturday, she might be able to do the laundry when she's there. Your brothers can take your mom shopping during their visits.

Where there are gaps, you want to fill those slots with help from professional caregivers. Caregivers can cover weekly appointments, clean the home, and cook her meals each day.

Now that you have a better idea of what elderly care services are available, make a call. An elderly care representative can help you set up caregiver visits and go over pricing with you.

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