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Home Helpers Welcomes New Community Liaison, Theresa Capuano-Scott

We are very pleased to announce that Theresa Capuano-Scott has joined our senior care team as our Community Liaison. Theresa brings over 20 years of experience in the healthcare field and has been the primary caregiver for her grandmother, bringing a unique blend of professional expertise and personal compassion that allows her to contribute meaningfully to the lives of those in need. As a Community Liaison, Theresa’s main responsibility is to develop and maintain relationships and partnerships within the Manatee County community and promote our agency’s services.

Please join us in welcoming Theresa to the Home Helpers senior care team! Below is a short bio of Theresa that has been posted to the Meet Our Team page of our company website.


Theresa Capuano-Scott, Community Liaison

Theresa Capuano-Scott is the Community Liaison at Home Helpers whose main responsibility is developing and maintaining relationships/partnerships within the Manatee County community and promoting the agency’s services.

With an extensive background spanning 20 years in the healthcare field, Theresa's journey has primarily been marked by roles in Sales and Marketing Director positions within Independent Living, Assisted Living, and Memory Care communities. Her passion for helping seniors is rooted in a deeply personal experience – as the primary caregiver for her grandmother after her grandfather's passing due to breast cancer in 2007. Through her own caregiving journey and subsequent work in the field, Theresa found her calling in providing support and assistance to seniors and their families during pivotal moments of transition. Theresa's unique blend of professional expertise and personal compassion allows her to contribute meaningfully to the lives of those in need.

A testament to her impactful approach is a memorable period of time involving a gentleman named Vito. Theresa originally connected with Vito through his need for assisted living. Despite challenges in getting him set up with an assisted living community, she went the extra mile, even “adopting” him as her uncle. For about 2 years, Theresa leveraged many of her connections in the local senior care community to coordinate Vito’s care. She accompanied him to VA appointments and ensured he received the in-home services he needed through the VA and Medicaid until he passed away in May 2021. Her dedication left a profound impact on Vito's life, a touching testament to the empathy she has for others.

Originally from Rochester, New York, Theresa has called Florida her home since August 2018. Her family holds a special place in her heart, including her loving husband Jerome, two stepdaughters, a 4-year-old grandson named Kaiden, and her mother-in-law—all close by in Florida. Theresa's parents, whom she cherishes dearly, still reside back home in Rochester, New York, and she also has two brothers who live in North Carolina.

Beyond her professional pursuits, Theresa's creative spirit shines. She once owned a cake and cupcake shop in Rochester, NY, a passion she's rekindling. Her zest for life extends to her love for laughter and enjoyment, reflected in her "go with the flow" philosophy. She would love for everyone to know that she is a terrible cook, she loves cheese, and she’s Italian and Sicilian!

Two quotes guide Theresa's approach to life and work. The first, "ALWAYS HELP SOMEONE - You might be the only one that does," underscores her commitment to making a difference. The second, "Go with the flow or get lost in the sauce!" speaks to her adaptable and positive outlook.

Theresa's authenticity, dedication, and vibrant spirit make her an invaluable asset to Home Helpers. Her journey is marked by meaningful connections, a dedication to uplifting others, and a genuine love for serving seniors with care and compassion.