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Helping Your Parent Cope with Fatigue During Cancer Treatment

Of the many potential side effects related to cancer and cancer treatments, one of the most common is fatigue. People that all stages of cancer report experiencing fatigue, which is a sense of tiredness or lack of energy that impacts functioning or quality of life. If your aging parent is suffering from fatigue, they may feel they are no longer able to fulfill the tasks of daily life, or may become exhausted with these tasks. This can make it harder for them to engage in treatment and management, and diminish their quality of life. As a family caregiver, helping your parent cope with fatigue is an extremely important way you can support them as their pursue their treatment and still strive for the lifestyle they desire.

Some ways you can help your parent cope with fatigue during cancer treatment include:

  • Help your parent to prioritize the activities that are most important to them so they can be sure to focus their attention and energy on those first in their day. Having the help of an elderly care provider can be extremely helpful in allowing your loved one to focus on these important tasks by managing their other daily needs.
  • Assist them by stocking their freezer with frozen meals they can heat up so they have access to nutritious, supportive foods without having to use up the energy to prepare meals.
  • Try to do as much at the beginning of the day as they can so if fatigue sets in in the afternoon, they have already accomplished much of their to-do list.
  • Make sure they are getting enough sleep at night.
  • Encourage them to eat a healthy, balanced diet that fuels them up, and gives them the nutrients they need for optimum functioning.
  • Support them in remaining as active as possible. Being active helps to boost energy and maintain higher energy levels.
  • Talk to their doctor about this fatigue and get recommendations for how to combat the fatigue safely and effectively.

Elderly care can be tremendously beneficial for your aging parent as they face their cancer journey. But the personalized services this care provider offers can also be extremely beneficial to you as their family caregiver. An elderly home care services provider can fill the gaps, manage sensitive tasks, and take on responsibilities for your aging senior so you are able to focus more energy and attention on quality time with your parent, enjoying your parent child relationship, and other aspects of your care routine and your life outside of your care journey. This helps to provide better quality of life for both of you throughout the cancer journey and beyond.

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