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April is Keep America Beautiful Month

By Erin Carll

Elder Care in Pittsburgh PA

Elder Care in Pittsburgh PAIn the United States, April seems to be the month to focus on the Earth, all of its natural beauty, and ways to keep it clean and beautiful for generations to come. In April alone, we celebrate Earth Day on the 22nd, Arbor Day on the 29th, and the entire month of April is recognized as Keep America Beautiful Month. There are so many ways elderly adults and their caregivers can get involved in keeping America clean and beautiful during the month of April and all year long. Read on for just a few ideas.

Use Your Own Shopping Bags

One change that can have an immediate impact on contributing to a greener Earth is using your own shopping bags. Plastic bags can take between 15 and 1000 years to decompose, which means that continual production and use of them will only impact the environment that much further into the future. Some cities have banned the use of plastic bags, a step toward making real change. You and your senior loved on can do your part by using your own, sustainably-produced, eco-friendly cotton bags that are easily washed.

Recycle When Possible

Many communities have recycling pick up or a recycling center where people can drop off recyclables. Elderly adults and their caregivers can make an effort during the month of April (and all year long!) to sort recyclable item and put them in their proper place. Usually materials such as plastic, glass, newspaper, and cardboard can all be recycled - keeping them out of ever-expanding landfills. Clothing and fabrics are other things that can easily be recycled by donating them to thrift stores or other charitable organizations. This keeps them out of landfills and in the hands of people who need them.

Plant a Tree or a Garden

Spring and summer plants are always beautiful to look at and can be enjoyed by everyone who passes by. This April, consider planting a garden with your elderly loved one filled with favorite flowers, fruits, vegetables, and herbs. By planting and maintaining a garden, you and your loved one will be doing your part to keep the air clean and the outdoor environment beautiful. In addition, you both will be able to enjoy fresh-cut flowers and homegrown foods for the entire season. If planting and maintaining a garden is not possible due to your loved ones physical limitations or yard space, consider planting a tree somewhere in the community that people will be able to enjoy for years to come.

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