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The Link Between Health and Emotions

By Erin Carll

Elder Care in Allison Park PA

It’s apparent that human emotions affect physical health. That pit in your stomach came on when you relived an angry exchange with your partner. The lump in your throat increased when you recounted what you wanted to say to your unreasonable boss. Upset stomach or headaches are just a few examples of physical symptoms caused by an emotional response, such as stress.

Your senior loved one may be dealing with a lifetime of stress, anxiety, repressed feelings or memories, and more, which may negatively affect their physical health on daily basis. Positively addressing and releasing emotions is considered an aid to both emotional well-being and physical vitality.

Helping Your Elderly Parent Express Themselves

If your parent’s tendency was to keep their feelings to themselves when you were growing up, then, as with most all personality traits, this attribute may increase as they age. Their declining ability to be independent, or their decreasing social network, may leave them with feelings they find difficult to express. The challenge is the child/parent relationship. Though roles are reversing, they spent many years keeping concerns to themselves so as not to burden their child with them. Obtaining the services of a third party, such as an elder care provider, can give them the opportunity to share without worrying about hurt feelings or loosing parental respect. Many times an elder care provider and those they care for will become the closest of companions.


“It has been said, ‘Time heals all wounds’. I do not agree. The wounds remain. In time, the mind, protecting its sanity, covers them with scar tissue and the pain lessens. But it is never gone.”—Rose Kennedy. There are losses people experience in a lifetime that stay with them forever, and only time can afford relief. In cases such as these it may be best to help your loved one stay active—play games, go to special events, and get them involved in their community. Reach out to others and join a support group. Do something new that neither of you have ever done before. If you find your time is limited, an elder care provider can help keep your loved one active while the scar tissue forms. Your parent may find these new activities such a vital part of their life that they continue them well after the healing has begun. Becoming an engaged senior is one of the primary keys to a life filled with happiness and purpose in the golden years.


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