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4 Tips to Help Your Loved One Get Through the Last Days of Summer

By Erin Carll

Home Care in Sewickley PA

As summer starts to fade, it's natural to presume that cooler weather is going to start kicking in, but that's not always the case. Sometimes, summer is hottest right before it ends, so it's important to have some ideas for helping your elderly loved one to stay cooler.

Water, Water, Water

Water is just as important now as it has been all summer for your loved one. It might even be more important now, especially if she's been having a tough time getting in her daily recommended water intake lately. You may need to keep a water bottle handy for your loved one and gently prompt her periodically throughout the day.

Limit Direct Exposure to the Sun

From mid-morning through mid-afternoon, the sun is at its highest point in the sky. This makes it particularly dangerous for anyone, but especially your loved one. From around 10:00 am through 3:00 pm, help your loved one to avoid going out into direct sunlight. If she's out in the sun at all during the rest of the day, make sure she has plenty of sunscreen on.

Limit Heavy Exercise and Activity

Exercise and activity are good for your loved one, but on hot days they can cause her to overheat. Try to stick to early morning or evening activities if they're outside activities. Even inside, your loved one may feel better if she limits her heavy activity to the cooler times of the day.

Take Lots of Breaks

No matter when your loved one is active during the day, frequent breaks are a good idea. If possible, try to set up a room in the house that is cooler than anywhere else. You can usually accomplish this with a combination of blackout curtains, fans, and even extra air conditioning units in that room. Then, if your loved one does feel that she's starting to overheat at all, she has a room to which she can go for a cooling break.

Make sure that you keep an eye on weather forecasts, particularly when planning a day that your loved one will be with elder care providers or other family members. That way you can help her to be as prepared as possible.

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